CENSICentro de Superación Integral (Guatemala)
CENSICenter for Engineering Systems and Integration
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Nevertheless, some irregular shapes in the normalized REE curves can be observed owing to the lanthanide tetrad effect (LTE) (Censi et al., 2007; Rezaei Azizi et al., 2017; Abedini et al., 2018b,c).
With a recorded population of about 150,000 residents in 1906, this highly multicultural city was home to a Muslim majority of 124,473 Javanese and Madurese ("Natives" or "Inlanders" in Dutch colonial censi), 14,843 Chinese and 2,482 Arabs ("Foreign Orientals" or "Vreemde Oosterlingen"), and 8,063 "Europeans" or "Europeanen"--mostly in fact Eurasians (von Faber 1934, p.
Y hasta refirio la importante reforma del estamento militar producida por la lex Manlia de bello Iugurthino, plebiscito que faculto al consul Mario a reclutar para la guerra contra YUGURTA, a voluntarios entre los capite censi:
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According to Schurer, Varus was governor in 4 BC and was succeeded the following year by Quirinius (see Table 146), who therefore was governor of Syria for both of the censi which Augustus called for the Holy Land, one in 2 BC to affirm him as Pater Patriae, and the other in AD 6 after Rome deposed Herod Archelaus and annexed and governed Judea directly.
"The CimatronE integrated CAD/CAM software package is a best-in-class solution tailored to shops with demanding tooling needs," said Alexandre Censi, Cimatron's country manager for Brazil.
Erim (2009) and Kleinemeier, Yagdiran, Censi, and Haasen (2004) have explained in detail how the traditional values of Turkish extended families conflict with Central European values and how social isolation--especially in women--contributes to acculturative stress, resulting in clinical symptoms of depression and psychosomatic illness.