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CENSORSCombined EIS (European Southern Observatory Imaging Survey)-NVSS (National Radio Astronomy Observatory Very Large Array Sky Survey) Survey of Radio Sources
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The censor has no right to touch any letters addressed to them.
Now there suddenly comes a request from you to have the censor pass you copies of all his Dutch correspondence.
Summary: Co-producer Prernaa Arora questions reasons behind the censor board's decision
Mona Alam, a journalist, lashed the Pakistan censor board's move to ban PadMan.
Chinese media continues to censor anything even remotely offensive to the leadership and has been criticised for its authoritarian practices.
com/facebook-censorship-breast-cancer-awareness-campaign-banned-because-cartoon-boobs-are-2436068) Facebook Censors Breast Cancer Campaign For Being 'Too Sexy'
The censors read through all the content of the letters and check their paper for intoxicating substances.
On Sunday, Nihalani had said the censors were ready to clear Udta Punjab with an A certification after 13 cuts, after a revising committee reportedly suggested 89 cuts including omission of the word Punjab from the film, which stars Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Diljit Dosanjh.
If the Qoran hadn't been sent by God and we had handed it to our book censors, they wouldn't have issued permission to publish it and would have argued that some of the words in it are against public virtue," he said.
King suspects those patterns show that censors are being used as a tool to dampen or otherwise shape the public response to forthcoming news.
Attempts to publish Dr No, he said, were met with "fierce opposition" by Spanish censors, who said that it subverted the moral values of the country, with a translation presented in 1960 rejected outright and substantial cuts imposed on a version five years later.
The new rules urged the censors always to consider the good of a book, to weigh carefully good and bad, and to withhold judgment if they were uncertain about the proper meaning of a proposition.