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CENSORSCombined EIS (European Southern Observatory Imaging Survey)-NVSS (National Radio Astronomy Observatory Very Large Array Sky Survey) Survey of Radio Sources
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I take the imputation in good part, as a compliment to the just delineation of my female characters; and though I am bound to attribute much of the severity of my censors to this suspicion, I make no effort to refute it, because, in my own mind, I am satisfied that if a book is a good one, it is so whatever the sex of the author may be.
"Look here," he said, "the censor's department has instructions to afford you every possible assistance in any researches you make.
Now there suddenly comes a request from you to have the censor pass you copies of all his Dutch correspondence.
He walked quickly back to his room, thrust the order he had received into an envelope, and sent it round to the Censor's Department.
'metaphysical entity' out of the censor. They suppose that when wishes are repressed they are repressed into the 'unconscious,' and that this mysterious censor stands at the trapdoor lying between the conscious and the unconscious.
Censors at Chinese internet companies say tools to detect and block content related to the 1989 crackdown have reached unprecedented levels of accuracy, aided by machine learning and voice and image recognition.
LAHORE -- The Punjab Film Censor Board has cleared two upcoming Bollywood films namely Gully Boy and Kala Shah Kala for release in cinemas across the province.
Talking to The Nation, Danyal Gilani said, 'Members of Central Board for film censors did not approve the trailer of Mulk as its content flout the Censorship of Film Code, 1980.'
It is also pertinent to mention here that the Sindh Film Censors cleared the film after making a few cuts, distributors confirmed.
Summary: Co-producer Prernaa Arora questions reasons behind the censor board's decision
According to Nueplex cinemas, the movie is now banned in Pakistan and it shared on its social media account and it announced that they were informed by the Central Board of Film Censors Pakistan that 'Pari' has been banned in Pakistan therefore the film will be release in cinemas.
Mona Alam, a journalist, lashed the Pakistan censor board's move to ban PadMan.