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CENTCentum (relating to an Indo-European language pronunciation)
CENTCorrespondence and Equivalence for Nonmonotonic Theories (workshop)
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Carry it through the year; he would save nearly a week's wages every two months, YOUR man nothing; thus saving five or six weeks' wages in a year, your man not a cent.
The magistrate fixes a mechanic's wage at 1 cent a day, for instance.
Five dollars for five thousand words, ten words for a cent - that particular thought took up its residence in his brain, and he could no more escape it than he could the "$3.
On a day when she had filled her brood with what was left in the house, Maria invested her last fifteen cents in a gallon of cheap wine.
Standing on one leg three hours, to show off new-style strapped pants at 12 1/2 cents per leg per hour.
Amount entered in Journal -- fifty cents -- which see.
So whenever he wished to ride, he had to pay ten cents each way, or over ten per cent of his income to this power, which had gotten its franchises long ago by buying up the city council, in the face of popular clamor amounting almost to a rebellion.
Between her and her hand-press on the mountain clearing and him ordering his wine in the hotel was a difference of seven dollars and seventy-eight cents.
The stranger said, "Well, give me the seven francs again, and I will see what I can do"--and when he got them, he handed the hackman half a franc, and he immediately asked for two cents to buy a drink with.
Three dollars an' twelve an' a half cents I'm jiggered out of on the room I'm rentin'.
Or else I must go back to my free library books and read of the deeds of other men and do no deeds of my own save slave for ten cents an hour at a machine in a cannery.
Five cents isn't a very large sum," said Cecily earnestly.