CENTAFUS Air Forces, US Central Command
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In theater, Lieutenant General Chuck Horner, the Ninth Air Force (TAC) and CENTAF commander, did not share Schwarzkopf's enthusiasm for Instant Thunder or indeed for any plan developed in Washington, let alone for John Warden.
He describes the high-level planning in Washington and in headquarters at CENTCOM and CENTAF. The initial "shock and awe" plan was modified by desires to limit noncombatant casualties and to preserve infrastructure, and by General Tommy Franks' decision to attack early.
The service has also acquired 500 examples of a low collateral damage version known as the Focused Lethality Munition, developed in response to another Uon issued by Centaf.
Combined Air Operations Center, Prince Sultan Air Base, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: CENTAF, 30 April 2003.
Previously, the Air Force had a requirement to maintain approximately $100 million throughout the CENTAF AOR in foreign bank LDAs.
A relationship is forming between the Central Command staff and the Central Command component headquarters, like its CENTAF and U.S.
Central Command (CENTCOM) and CENTAF senior leadership, a bed down location for the Iraqi C-130E aircraft was identified and a USAF C-130E unit was deployed there as part of a previously determined requirement.
"Operation Iraqi Freedom C4ISR Lessons Learned." CENTAF, Nellis AFB, Nev., 7 July 2003.
Central Command (CENTAF) contract in direct support of operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, equipping seven forward operating bases with the latest security technology, including improved thermal imagery and detection sensor devices.
Central Command Air Forces (CENTAF) to adjust the air mission.
Colonel (now Brigadier General) Swanson's advocacy for the inclusion of legal professionals in steady state and contingency deployments established a template for the Central Command Air Forces (CENTAF) Area of Operations (AOR).
Central Air Force's (CENTAF's) Defense Suppression Planning Group, located in Saudi Arabia, wanted some B-52s to take out an industrial complex north of Baghdad, but were worried what US losses would be.