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CENTARCode for Extended Nonlinear Transient Analysis of Extraterrestrial Reactors
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The panel was organized by the Office of the EU in BiH, in cooperation with the Centar Municipality, and before the start of the panel, children with hearing and speech impediments from the Eho Kids Band' from Sarajevo and the "Basics" school from East Sarajevo performed "Ode to Joy".
Transporter and Monster case hearings will be held on Tuesday and a hearing in the Centar Municipality Violence case will be held on Friday.
He said the protests staged outside the Municipality of Centar on 13 June 2013 when the local administration staff couldn't get out inspired in him a feeling of fear and uncertainly.
In Skopje's region, on the other hand, most construction activities are expected in the municipalities of Sopiste and Centar. A total of 323 apartments are planned to be built in Sopiste and 50 in Centar.
'The law that the Centar municipality is invoking is the Law on the Temporary Use of Public Premises in the territory of SC and it refers literally to the installation of tables, stands, telephone booths, advertising boards, free-standing cafe gardens, kiosks, circus tents, cleaning crates, seating benches, lottery stands and the like.
The vote for mayor has been disputed in the City of Skopje, Centar, Saraj, Struga, Radovis and Krivogastani and the vote for council members has been disputed in the City of Skopje, Centar, Gostivar, Struga, Radovis, Prilep, Kumanovo and Krivogastani.
"Centar Municipality will demand Cair Municipality to elaborate on the procedure for choosing the company to place the monuments and verify its competence for placing the monuments", stated from Centar Municipality.
The next item for discussion is why the report happened immediately after the lost elections for mayor of the Municipality of Centar. All of this must be resolved with the change of the power at state level and until then the government cannot dismiss the responsibility for the spent funds and the kitsch connected to this project.
The delegation of the Centar Municipality of Skopje, headed by Mayor SaA!a BogdanoviA, visited today the Centar Municipality of Sarajevo and Mayor NedA3/4ad AjnadA3/4iA.
In Skopje, home prices went up almost everywhere except in Centar where the average price per sq.