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CENTARCode for Extended Nonlinear Transient Analysis of Extraterrestrial Reactors
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Centar Mayor Andrej Zernovski held a press conference on Monday evening thanking the residents who went to the polls.
In Skopje's region, on the other hand, most construction activities are expected in the municipalities of Sopiste and Centar.
Centar is a mining company founded by Ian Hannam and Jan Kulczyk
A week before the referendum for keeping the authentic look of the City Trade Center (GTC), the leaders of Centar Municipality said this referendum was not only for GTC but was also against Nikola Gruevski, as the architect of the faux baroque revamp of Macedonia's capital.
the luxury hotel, the Mayor of municipality Centar said harsh words about the institution that was believed will protect the Law and the citizens, reads the editorial article in Sloboden Pecat.
The Municipality said that "Skopje 2014" does neither belong to Centar nor to Andrej Zernovski and the answer to this question should only be sought after in the Government.
The Memorial House of Mustafa Kemal Atatiirk in the village Kodzadzik, Centar Zupa Municipality, the birthplace of Atatiirk's father, was officially opened on 19 May.
In response to the taking into the custody of Miroslav Sipovik, chairman of the council of the municipality of Centar from SDSM, Zaev says they decided not to take any radical steps for the time being so as not to harm the national interests.
In connection to the statement of the mayor of Municipality of Centar Andrej Zernovski that certain people offered him bribe, Jankuloska said that if Zernovski does not reveal these people publically, then the public will begin to doubt that he is an accomplice tool.
Zone 1 - Maksimir, Gornji Grad-Medvescak, Donji Grad, Centar, Podsused-Vrapce Group 2 .
They have no intention of resigning because they are not fighting for another term but to save their necks, Centar Municipality Mayor Andrej Zernovski says in his Sunday interview with Radio Free Europe.