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CENTRACentral de Transferencia (Guatemala)
CENTRACentralized Training Equipment Management System (US Navy)
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Beyond the usual benefits you would expect from this type of technology -- such as of time and cost savings, scheduling flexibility, and improved collaboration -- is that Centra helps us to better serve the public and make a meaningful contribution to the community," said Brad Paleg, AGNR distance learning specialist.
Yazdani and chief operating officer, Mark Frost, also shared the company's vision and product roadmap and previewed the next versions of Saba Enterprise 5 and Centra 7, which deepen integration between its Saba and Centra product offerings, improve users' experience, drive greater collaboration, and more tightly integrate learning, performance and talent management capabilities.
Saba is supporting this changing HCM landscape by continuing to build on the success of its Saba and Centra product suites and deliver an innovative HCM solution from a single vendor that will enable organizations to:
After evaluating five service provider products, we selected Saba's Centra Live for eMeetings because we felt it provided a superior business model and the highest value-to-cost ranking," said Dave Aynardi, director, Information Technology, Westinghouse Electric.
Centra Technical -- This track will provide in-depth information on migration, architecture, integration, and implementation sessions, as well as technical insight on Saba Enterprise 5 and Centra 7.
E[acute accent]SABA, the Saba logo, Centra and the marks relating to Saba products and services referenced herein are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Saba Software, Inc.
Not only have Capitol College administrators and instructors embraced Centra for online learning sessions, students have flocked to the college specifically to enroll in their graduate programs.
In order to provide detailed product courses, Cognex has used Centra to implement a just-in-time learning program that provides customers and employees with instant online access to short learning sessions that cover just the tools they immediately need to solve problems unique to their particular Cognex solution.
With solutions specifically tailored for deploying enterprise applications, increasing sales effectiveness, effectively transferring knowledge throughout an organization's extended supply chain, and enhancing customer acquisition programs, Centra facilitates online collaboration that delivers increased business value and return on investment.
Our use of Centra is an example of our dedication to delivering excellent service to our customers, who appreciate training sessions conducted within a secure and convenient environment," said John Petralia, vice president of product management at Iron Mountain.
Centra Summit provides education and networking opportunities for the rapidly growing number of enthusiasts and experts from around the globe that have deployed Centra for online business collaboration, communication and learning initiatives.
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