CENTRACOCentre Nucléaire de Traitement et de Conditionnement des Déchets Faiblement Radioactifs (French: Center for Nuclear Processing and Packaging of Low Level Radioactive Waste)
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In France, the company has been working with electricity giant EDF and its subsidiary SOCODEI for the past five years to improve the performance of the contaminated metal waste recycling unit from its CENTRACO site (nuclear center for the treatment and conditioning of low-level radioactive waste) in southern France.
The missions of the corresponding aforementioned waste consists mainly monitor the technical execution, in relation to the CEA sites a) contracts for management of CEA radioactive waste to surface storage facilities ANDRA and CENTRACO facilities;b) logistics contract covering the transport of solid waste to the ANDRA.
The APS for studies summary definition of all functions required and necessary to treat organic waste stored in ATALANTE to make them compatible, once processed, with outlets, CENTRACO and STEL Marcoule.
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