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CENTREXCentral Office Exchange Service
CENTREXCentral Exchange
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According to Verso, the IP Centrex solution is a "facility-less" PBX offering that extends the features and functions of Verso's Class 5 Call Manager.
Consequently, centrex hasbeen revived as a viable alternative to PBX purchases and offers a variety of advantages over PBX systems.
This report utilized end user, as well as large sample, primary research to explore the drivers of adoption for hosted IP Centrex solutions and details how service providers are evolving strategies to meet these needs.
In the network trial over 2,500 of the centre's employees will have IP phones on their desks with access to Centrex services using the new packet technology provided by Lucent's 7R/E packet systems.
In 1988, the average cost per centrex line was $300, compared to $600 for each PBX line.
The growth of NGEV services is being fuelled largely by three major factors, including the growing demand for business voice services due to declining prices, increasing teledensity and overall expansion of the APAC economy, as well as migration of Centrex users and adoption of hosted telephony by new customers, particularly small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
Researchers at Ovum estimate that the number of IP Centrex extensions in Western Europe will exceed two million by the end of 2009.
The session will educate Centrex users about how to deploy communication applications today that will continue to deliver benefits in the future as they migrate towards a VoIP infrastructure.
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