CEORGCentral European Opinion Research Group (Czech Republic)
CEORGCoherent and Electro-Optics Research Group (UK)
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The government has promised a referendum for 2003.Other CEECs pessimistic.According to opinion polls by the Central European Opinion Research Group Foundation (CEORG) most people in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Russia are quite pessimistic about the state of their economies.
Gallus's secular music comprises the three books of the Harmoniae morales that he saw to press in 1589-90, plus the iVloralia that were posthumously assembled in 1596 by his brother Ceorg Handl and published in Nuremberg by Alexander Theodoricus.
Indeed, it supports Ceorg Handl's albeit exaggerated justification in the preface for posthumously publishing the Moralia--that music left in manuscript would "disappear into lasting oblivion" (oblivione sempiterue aboleri paterer; see p.