CEPACChemical Engineering Pan-American Collaboration (est. 1998)
CEPACCorporación Centro de Pastoral Afrocolombiana (Spanish: Pastoral Center for Afro-Colombian Corporation; also seen as CCPA; Colombia)
CEPACCentral and Eastern Pacific Panel
CEPACChevron Employees Political Action Committee
CEPACCentre d'Etudes Socio-Politiques pour l'Afrique Centrale (French)
CEPACCentralized Emergency Preventive Automatic Control
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Data reveal that the factor that has made it possible to carry out the project was the financing model conceived to relieve the public budget and fund the cost of the works from the sale of CEPAC bonds (Interviewee Statements 3, 10, 14, 16, 17, 21).
There isn't a financial structure to uphold this procurement of CEPACS at the speed in which it is being done, the value of what is being done and, at the end of the day, it is the sum of money that enables the project to be done" (Interviewee Statement 16).
Ultimately, it would make CEPAC, which has been present in these regions since 1996, a top-ranking player focused on providing its cooperative shareholders and customers with long-term support.
Alain Lacroix, Chairman of the CEPAC Management Board, said: Over the past five years, CEPAC has been implementing ambitious development plans in the French West Indies and Reunion Island.
Contractor address : Sdru enE[degrees] CEPAC Morava, Brezinova 7,
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Media Contact: Rene Perras CEPAC, 720-663-7363, info@cepac.
Media Contact: Rene Perras, President CEPAC 720-ONE-RENE www.