CEPACChemical Engineering Pan-American Collaboration (est. 1998)
CEPACCorporación Centro de Pastoral Afrocolombiana (Spanish: Pastoral Center for Afro-Colombian Corporation; also seen as CCPA; Colombia)
CEPACCentral and Eastern Pacific Panel
CEPACChevron Employees Political Action Committee
CEPACCentre d'Etudes Socio-Politiques pour l'Afrique Centrale (French)
CEPACCentralized Emergency Preventive Automatic Control
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Data reveal that the factor that has made it possible to carry out the project was the financing model conceived to relieve the public budget and fund the cost of the works from the sale of CEPAC bonds (Interviewee Statements 3, 10, 14, 16, 17, 21).
There isn't a financial structure to uphold this procurement of CEPACS at the speed in which it is being done, the value of what is being done and, at the end of the day, it is the sum of money that enables the project to be done" (Interviewee Statement 16).
Ademas, la estrategia de lanzamiento de las CEPACs y su comercializacion son la clave para el financiamiento de los emprendimientos (Cabral, 2011).
Participant observation refers to attendance at the weekly, administrative meetings of the municipal health service and CEPAC over the course of two months, and nonmedical observation of daily routines at the health centers and the hospital in Yapacani where SUMI services are offered (once per week for two months).
For the most part, the interviews were conducted by the principal investigator; some were conducted by Bolivian colleagues from CEPAC.
Os defensores dos grandes projetos urbanos argumentam em favor do sucesso do projeto Faria Lima, posto que os valores obtidos com os CEPACs teriam superado os gastos realizados naquela regiao que somavam, no primeiro trimestre de 2011, a quantia de R$ 930,3 milhoes.
Ultimately, it would make CEPAC, which has been present in these regions since 1996, a top-ranking player focused on providing its cooperative shareholders and customers with long-term support.
Contractor name : SDRU ENEi CEPAC MORAVA, JEREMENKOVA 1142/42,
Ja o financiamento privado--oriundo do recurso arrecadado com a venda dos Cepacs--foi de 34,7 milhoes ate o momento (resultado da venda de 50% dos Cepacs previstos).
iii) Operacao urbana consorciada da Linha Verde, cujos recursos com a venda de potencial construtivo por meio dos CEPACs sao aplicados obrigatoriamente nas obras realizadas no perimetro da propria operacao (art.
Los anos pasaron y la municipalidad, organo regulador del espacio, continuo actuando a favor de la region autorizando durante la gestion de la alcaldesa Martha Suplicy (2001-2004) la adopcion de los CEPACs a la <<Operacion Urbana Aguas Espraiadas>>--OUAE.