CEPADConsejo de Iglesias Pro-Alianza Denominacional (Spanish: Council of Churches Pro-Denominational Alliance; Nicaragua)
CEPADCentre d'Education Populaire et d'Animation pour le Developpement (French: Center for Popular Education and Animation for Development; Cameroon)
CEPADCentre for Peace and Democracy
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(4) A posicao de Sylvio Capanema de Souza foi externada em palestra por ele proferida, intitulada "Contrato, titularidade e familia: da codificacao a constitucionalizacao", em evento organizado pela CEPAD, sob a coordenacao do professor desembargador Sergio Cavalieri Filho, no dia 02 mai.
Juan Fransisco seems to have one of the better crops of the eight small producers who CEPAD is using for the project.
My internship with CEPAD had its ups and downs as it was bound to and now, looking back, I see that I learned far more than I was aware of while I was there.
One only needs to look at the dedication of the community members who volunteer so much of themselves to the work that CEPAD does with them.
Este desarrollo inmobiliario "refleja el modelo de ciudad que empresarios y politicos plantean para la Zona Metropolitana de Guadalajara; es decir, una ciudad caotica que privilegia la ganancia economica sobre los recursos naturales, con todos los costos que esto implica" (Cepad, 2009, p.
Cepad [Centro de Justicia para la Paz y el Desarrollo, A.
The first day in Managua was devoted to classes arranged by CEPAD on the history, politics, and current health care system in Nicaragua.
Monthly reports from the teachers at La Escuelita and personnel from CEPAD on health conditions and medical services received through the health department are being forwarded to faculty at Yale University.
CEPAD founder Gustavo Parajon quoted the book of Amos and emphasized that there will only be peace in Nicaragua if there is justice.
He also served as vice-president of the Baptist World Alliance and was founder of CEPAD (Nicaraguan Council of Evangelical Churches), the ecumenical relief and development agency in Nicaragua.