CEPAMCentre d'Études Préhistoire, Antiquité, Moyen Age (French: Prehistory, Antiquity, Middle Ages Study Center)
CEPAMCentro Ecuatoriano para la Promoción y Acción de la Mujer
CEPAMCenter for Ecosystems and Protected Area Management (Philippines)
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In addition to this law reform activity, CEPAM used its provision of legal services to generate substantial information regarding the population it served.
The broad participatory process of deliberation on the report, and the tangible knowledge obtained, likely helped CEPAM gain sufficient stature to enable it to participate in the legislative process.
6) John Costonis vem algumas vezes ao Brasil para divulgar a experiencia do Plano de Chicago e discutir os conceitos do solo criado, a convite do CEPAM com grande cobertura na midia (Ver Folha de Sao Paulo, 26/06/76; O Estado de Sao Paulo, 03/03/77; Revista Projeto (45):22, nov.
19) Em junho de 1976, o CEPAM realizou o Seminario de Sao Sebastiao (depois em Sao Paulo), que contou com a participacao de especialistas Internacionais, como o Prof.
We have two leaders--Mary Cabrera from SENDAS and Tatiana Ortiz from CEPAM Guayaquil--who will guide the Ecuadorian process towards the LACWHN meeting, with confidence in reshaping our future.
Created in concert with pioneering institutions in the area of health, gender and feminism in Ecuador, such as CEPAM Quito, CEPAM Guayaquil and SENDAS (Cuenca), which are all LACWHN members.
I am part of the feminist women's health movement, which started with CEPAM Quito, CEPAM Guayaquil and SENDAS.