CEPBConfederación de Empresarios Privados de Bolivia (Spanish: Bolivian Confederation of Private Businessmen; Bolivia)
CEPBCarpentier-Edwards Porcine Bioprosthesis (cardiovascular medicine)
CEPBChurch of England Pensions Board (est. 1926)
CEPBChongqing Environmental Protection Bureau (China)
CEPBColegio Experimental Paragua-Brasil (Spanish: Paraguay-Brazil Experimental College; Paraguay)
CEPBConcrete Engineering Products Berhad (Malaysia)
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The mice were randomly divided into 6 groups (n = 10) as follows: Group 1 (normal control group, NC), normal mice fed with normal chow diet; Group 2 (model group, DM), diabetic mice fed with high-fat diet; Group 3 (metformin group, M), diabetic mice treated with 100 mg/kg BW of metformin and fed with high-fat diet; Group 4 (CEPB group, EPB100), diabetic mice treated with 100 mg/ kg BW of CEPB and fed with high-fat diet; Group 5 (50% fraction group, 50%FPB100), diabetic mice treated with 100 mg/kg BW of 50% fraction and fed with high-fat diet; Group 6 (50% fraction group, 50%FPB50), diabetic mice treated with 50 mg/kg BW of 50% fraction and fed with high-fat diet.
Metformin, CEPB, and 50% fraction were, respectively, mixed twice with PEG6000 and then dissolved by 0.5% CMC-Na.
Effects of CEPB and 50% Fraction on Fat Metabolism.
Although air conditions have improved recently, air quality is reportedly worse, and the PAH levels are higher in December in this city (CEPB 2007).
In Bolivia this politics of production, finance and trade affected the CEPB and the three political parties dominating state institutions in the period under study: the Movimiento Nacionalista Revolucionario (MNR), the Accion Democrdtica Nacionalista (ADN) since the late 1970s, and the Movimiento de Izquierda Revolucionaria (MIR) from the late 1980s onwards (Mansilla 1994).
In Bolivia this 'network of interest' incorporated the leadership of the business confederation (CEPB) and the economic teams of the two dominant Conservative political parties, the MNR and the ADN.
It is in this context and under the impetus of competitive leaders such as Fernando Illanes, Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada, Fernando Romero, Carlos Iturralde and Ramiro Cabezas that the Bolivian business confederation, the CEPB, and since the mid-1990s the regional business organisation, the Cdmara de Industriay Comercio (CAINCO), based in Santa Cruz, built ties with the Peruvian, Spanish (CEOE) and Latin American business confederations from the mid-1980s.
Before giving any details regarding the investments, the CEPB asked for special treatment--"certain perks"--it said, in tax and energy matters and in infrastructure construction, especially roads.
The head of the Confederacion de Empresarios Privados de Bolivia (CEPB), Roberto Mustafa, expressed solidarity with Santa Cruz, or Cruceno, leaders, deploring "the irrationalities that are occurring in the country."
The anti-government protests were also supported by the Confederacion de Empresarios Privados (CEPB), which questioned the administration's economic measures.
On June 5, Carlos Calvo, president of the Confederacion de Empresarios Privados de Bolivia (CEPB), warned that a social explosion could occur if the political parties do not find a way to work together after the elections.
Calvo's comments came following a Foro Political that the CEPB held with five of the leading candidates for the presidency--Reyes Villa, former presidents Sanchez de Lozada and Paz Zamora, former Santa Cruz mayor Ronald MacLean of the governing Accion Democratica Nacionalista (ADN), and former Santa Cruz mayor Johnny Fernandez of the Unidad Civica Solidaridad (UCS).