CEPDCouncil for Economic Planning and Development (Taiwan)
CEPDCenter for Executive and Professional Development
CEPDContinuing Education Professional Development (various organizations)
CEPDCivil Emergency Planning Directorate (NATO)
CEPDContrast-Enhanced Power Doppler (sonography)
CEPDCentre for Policy Development
CEPDCentro de Estudios Y Promocion del Desarrollo (Spanish: Center for the Study and Promotion of Development; Lima, Peru)
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Hung Jui-bin, director of the department of economic research, the CEPD, pointed out that in November the indicators of finance, production, and consumption improved further, the job market stabilized, trade decline alleviated, and both leading and coincident indicators advanced slightly, underscoring gradual departure of the domestic economy from the doldrums.
A third CEPD target through 2015 is to keep Taiwan's unemployment rate below 4.
The launching ceremony was attended by many politicians and business leaders, including CEPD Deputy Minister Gee San, TAITRA CEO Yuen-Chuan Chao, and Chairman Pen-Tsao Chang of the General Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China (ROCCOC).
At the year-end press conference of the CEPD, Yiin pointed out that the CEPD will pick three to five cities for the establishment of the "free-economy exemplary zone," with Kaohsiung being the first candidate.
Last year, CEPD proposed the South Star land development project which incorporates the harbor plan.
In addition, the CEPD is about to come up with the "free-economy exemplary zone," which is also expected to induce a wave of investments, according to Tseng.
As a result, the CEPD has planned to extend the duration of term labor contracts for enterprises in the zone to two or three years, up from one year now, in line with the regulations in the U.
Hung, director at Economic Research Department of CEPD, indicated that the island's economic performance in September seemed to be better than expected, but the annualized 6-month rate of change in the leading composite index posted the fifth consecutive monthly drop and the export in the first two weeks of October declined obviously, hence believing the indicator might remain yellow-blue in October instead of advancing to green.
CEPD (Council for Economic Planning Development) will ask the National Development Fund to initially offer NT$10 billion (US$333.
Taiwan's Rank in World Bank's 'Doing Business' Report 2005-2012 Year Rank 2005 35 2006 47 2007 50 2008 61 2009 46 2010 33 2011 25 2012 16 Source: CEPD Rank in Business Environment of Major Economies in Asia by World Bank Economy 2012 2011 Singapore 1 1 Hong Kong 2 2 S.
CEPD will ask the National Development Fund to financially assist domestic banks to offer lower loan rates to eligible overseas Taiwanese enterprises, aiming to keep such average rates below 2.
Hung Jui-bin, director of the department of economic research, the CEPD, expressed surprise yesterday over the adjustment, saying that with the alleviation of the European-debt crisis and the inauguration of the European stabilization mechanism (ESM), the European-debt problem should stabilize and the forecast of 1.