CEPDCooperación Económica entre Países en Desarrollo (Spanish: Economic Cooperation among Developing Countries)
CEPDCouncil for Economic Planning and Development (Taiwan)
CEPDCenter for Executive and Professional Development
CEPDContinuing Education Professional Development (various organizations)
CEPDCivil Emergency Planning Directorate (NATO)
CEPDContrast-Enhanced Power Doppler (sonography)
CEPDChair, Education and Professional Development
CEPDCentre for Policy Development
CEPDCentro de Estudios Y Promocion del Desarrollo (Spanish: Center for the Study and Promotion of Development; Lima, Peru)
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The CEPD pointed out that it may still take a while before the economy enters the realm of green light, indicating economic stability, as the economy is still proceeding towards recovery at staggering pace.
The loan is secured with PGF shares in CEPD and PGF accounts held by PKO BP.
The credit facility is secured with PGF stock in CEPD and PGF accounts held by the bank.
The CEPD specifies five income segments for the country's consumer base and wants to reduce the difference between the top quintile and the bottom quintile to a factor of six.
The deputy director of the CEPD, Lee Gao-chao, was cited in the same story as saying an early report to the cabinet concerning the quake's impact on the economy was based on incomplete information and that the extension of power restrictions in the weeks after the quake had exacerbated losses to industries.
The CEPD has maintained its present forecast of 5.5 per cent growth for the island's economy this year.
At the year-end press conference of the CEPD, Yiin pointed out that the CEPD will pick three to five cities for the establishment of the "free-economy exemplary zone," with Kaohsiung being the first candidate.
Tseng Ju-hsueh, director of the general planning department of the CEPD, pointed out that the government has launched a number of aggressive policies to achieve the economic-growth target, such as the "golden 10-year plan," "economic power-up plan," and "program for pushing Taiwanese enterprises to return to Taiwan for investments," which were put into practice not long ago.
Hung, director at Economic Research Department of CEPD, indicated that the coincident index posted positive growth for three consecutive months since August, implying the worst economic situation is over, yet the economic outlook remains uncertain as the annualized 6-month rate of change in the leading composite index presented the sixth consecutive monthly drop.
The CEPD is scheduled to brief Premier Sean Chen about the plan at the end of this month.
CEPD adopts a five-color gauge for the island's economic performance: blue indicates a recession in economy, yellow- blue signals a slowdown and green means stable; while yellow-red shows warming economy, and red overheating.
29, 2012 (CENS) -- Following 10 consecutive months of sluggish blue light, the Cabinet-level Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD) flashed a transitional yellow-blue light for Taiwan's economic status in September and the composite index of monitoring indicators jumped seven points to 22 in the month, just one point below the green-light level representing business stability.