CEPEAComprehensive Economic Partnership in East Asia (Japan's regional cooperation initiative in East Asia)
CEPEAConvergence in Europe and the Process of Enlargement and Association (conference)
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"In this scenario, domestic and external coffee prices may be pressed in 2018," Cepea said in a research note.
According to a survey from the Center for Advanced Studies in Applied Economics - (CEPEA / ESALQ, 2014), Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of livestock was R$332.6 billion, representing approximately 30.5 % of total GDP in agribusiness 2013, which shows that livestock has a large representation in the Brazilian economy.
In fact, it is an upgraded trade liberalization idea under the East Asian framework, and is based on either the ASEAN+3 arrangement led by China or the Comprehensive Economic Partnership in East Asia (CEPEA), led by Japan.
China initially sought an East Asian Free Trade Agreement (EAFTA) through the ASEAN+3 framework, and adopted a passive stance toward Japan's proposal of working toward a Comprehensive Economic Partnership in East Asia (CEPEA) through the ASEAN+8 framework, but in 2011 joined Japan in issuing a joint proposal called the gInitiative on Speeding Up the Establishment of EAFTA and CEPEAh.
China is "also putting work into the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership for East Asia (CEPEA), which would include not only China, Japan, and South Korea but also the ten countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), along with India, Australia, and New Zealand." (136) There is irony here: the Comprehensive Economic Partnership for East Asia ("CEPEA") is a Japanese-led proposal for trade cooperation and free trade agreement among the sixteen present member countries of the East Asia Summit.
Two region-wide FTA proposals are on the table, including an East Asia Free Trade Area (EAFTA) among ASEAN+3 countries, and a Comprehensive Economic Partnership for East Asia (CEPEA) among ASEAN-I-6 countries (which include all ASEAN+3 countries plus Australia, New Zealand, and India.
A dimensao 1 foi caracterizada pelas variaveis prego individual e media de pregos (Cooperativa), prego SP e prego BR (CEPEA), ja a dimensao 2 caracterizada pela contaminacao das amostras (CBT) e Composicao do leite.