CEPERCombined Engineering and Plant Exchange Record
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The operator of the airport railway PT KAI, however, said 54 minutes will be needed to cover the distance between Manggarai and the--airport with stopover at the stations of Sudirman Baru, Duri, and Batu Ceper.
Teniendo como objetivo conocer las necesidades formativas y las motivaciones de los estudiantes inmersos en la Educacion Permanente, esta investigacion utilizo la metodologia comparada en el marco de un CEPER de la Comarca Valle del Guadiato que lleva por nombre "CEPER Valle del Guadiato", el cual esta ubicado en el municipio cordobes Fuente Obejuna.
We took advantage from 10 years of permanent and almost 17 years of epoch-wise GPS observations performed within the five networks namely: CEPER (Central European Permanent Network), CEGRN (Central European Geodynamic Reference Network), SGRN (Slovak Geodynamic Reference Network), local network TATRY and local monitoring network EMO, all of them briefly described in this paper.
Paris yakinlarindaki Clichy-sous-Bois ve diger bazi kentlerin ceper yerlesim birimlerindeki 2005 yili sokak catismalari, baslica aktorlerin gocmen kokenli Fransiz vatandaslari olmasindan dolayi, Fransiz medyasi tarafindan muslumanlarin baskaldirisi olarak yansitilmisti.
Cooley was finally adopted into the community, something not often experienced by a ceper (pejorative name for "lowlander"), where he performed on violin with local ensembles and interpreted the culture for English-speaking tourists.
In October 2006, as part of a general annual prison amnesty, former President Niyazov released imprisoned Hare Krishna follower Ceper Annaniyazova, who had been sentenced to 7 years in prison in November 2005 for having illegally crossed the border in 2002.
The six toll roads include 11.38 kilometer Duri Pulo--Kampung Melayu, 9.65 kilometer Kemayoran--Kampung Melayu , 9.56 kilometer Pasar Minggu--Casablanca; 25.73 kilometer Sunter-Pulo Gebang-Tambelang; 22.92 kilometer Sunter-Rawa Buaya-Batu Ceper and 8.27 kilometer Ulujami--Tanah Abang toll roads