CEPOGChief Engineers and Planning Officers Group (UK; West Midlands Local Transport Plan)
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There is growing concern and evidence about the type of work that has been going on by the regions' highways engineers group CEPOG, coordinated by Centro - building more and more delays into our road system.
Dear Sir, Tom McGrath's letter (Post, July 20), writing as head of the CEPOG, the Highways Engineers grouping for the region, could, I feel, mislead readers.
During this time, Jerry sealed an agreement with Tom McGrath, an honourable man heading what is called CEPOG, a group that represents all of our regional highways engineers.
Plan and Tran, which has two councillor members from each district plus two from the Passenger Transport Authority, is advised by CEPOG, which is a grouping of council chief planning and transportation officers and also a Centro officer (and so is not, as Paul had suggested, 'an offshoot of the West Midlands Passenger Transport Authority').
WMPTA has an offshoot called CEPOG (Chief Engineering and Planning Officers Group), consisting of officers from the district councils, who are responsible for putting together the region's Local Transport Plan bid for Department for Transport funding.