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CEPSCentre for European Policy Studies
CEPSCollege of Education and Professional Studies (various schools)
CEPSComputer Electronic Prepass System
CEPSComité Économique des Produits de Santé (French: Economic Committee for Health Products)
CEPSCustoms, Excise and Preventive Service (Ghana)
CEPSCultural, Economic, Political and Social
CEPSColor Electronic Prepress
CEPSCash Earnings Per Share
CEPSCenter for Educational and Psychological Services (Columbia University; New York)
CEPSCommon Electronic Purse Specification (open standard for electronic purse smartcards)
CEPSCoalition for Effective Public Safety (California)
CEPSConfédération Européenne des Producteurs de Spiritueux (European Confederation of Spirits Producers)
CEPSChinese Electronic Periodical Services
CEPSCentral Europe Pipeline System (NATO)
CEPSCentre d'Étude et de Prévention du Suicide (French: Center for the Study and Prevention of Suicide; Switzerland)
CEPSConstellation Energy Projects Services (Florida)
CEPSCluster Environmental Protection Specialist
CEPSCITS Expert Parameter System
CEPSCorporate Electronic Publishing System
CEPSConfederación Estatal de Personas Sordas (Spanish)
CEPSCertified Electrophysiology Specialist (International Board of Heart Rhythm Examiners)
CEPSCorrectional Education Program Supervisor
CEPSCEMIRT Emergency Power System (USAF/AFCESA)
CEPSCommunications Equipment Population Survey (used for reference and standardization on US Navy ships)
CEPSClean Energy Portfolio Standards
CEPSCustomer Electronic Payment Systems (banking)
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CEPS has advanced GBP 300,000 to CL to fund the acquisition in the form of unsecured non-convertible loan notes carrying an interest rate of 7%.
In addition, CEPS has agreed to act as guarantor in respect of loan notes totalling GBP 963,350 issued by CL alongside the CEPS loan notes to certain of the vendors.
The Youth Development Institute (YDI) of the Fund for the City of New York, whose work supports programs that serve thousands of youth throughout New York City, designed CEPS in the summer and fall of 2005 working with America's Choice, a national organization that specializes in high quality curriculum and instruction development.
This will lead, as a consequence of the lower reported CEPS, to a higher pay out ratio (dividend as a percentage of CEPS) in 2003.
Think Dynamics leads this market from a position of strength," said Ashok Shah, President of CEPS Consulting and new advisory board member.
CEPS define requirements for all components needed by an organization to implement a globally interoperable electronic purse program, while maintaining full accountability and auditability.
CEPSCO, LLC was created in October 1999 to manage and license the specifications, determine specification requirements and promote CEPS as a worldwide open electronic purse standard.
The TPII and TP-CMS products offered by IFS support all appropriate aspects of CEPS from the initial card issuance through acquiring, clearing, settlement and service file support.
Uniquely, the CardBASE solution will support both CEPS and non-CEPS Visa Cash implementations as well as provide backward compatibility with Visa Cash cards already in circulation today.
Visa International and SERMEPA will work together to enhance their Visa Cash cards and systems, enabling member banks to begin migrating existing Visa Cash programs to CEPS in 2001.
Our implementation demonstrates that files in TIFF/IT-P1 format can bridge proprietary CEPS environments and the desktop world, and can be output with complete predictability," according to Frank Scott, Time Inc.