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CEPTCommon Effective Preferential Tariff (ASEAN)
CEPTConference of European Posts and Telegraphs
CEPTChemically Enhanced Primary Treatment (wastewater)
CEPTConférence Européenne des Postes et des Télécommunications (French)
CEPTCentre for Environmental Planning & Technology
CEPTComite Europeen des Postes et Telecommunications (French: European Committee of the Stations and Telecommunications)
CEPTCertified Expert Penetration Tester
CEPTConference of European Postal & Telecommunications
CEPTCase Execution Performance Tool (US Navy acquisition)
CEPTCommission of European Post and Telecommunications
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Only the fact that a hummock of heathery sand inter- cepted the lower part of the Heat-Ray saved them.
The complainant charged the accused with embezzlement of funds while pointing out that even after around 8 years of the project's inauguration, the CEPT had not become functional.
He said the SITE charged a monthly fee from over 150 industries in Kotri SITE for operating the CEPT. However, he added, only around 100 industries had been regularly paying the fee while more than 50 units had not been paying for last 9 months.
Minimal differences between CEPT and MFN (most favored nation) rates
Dutch-grown roses are readily available and come in every colour under the rainbow ex cept for a true purple.
CEPT is acknowledged by the ITU-R as a composite representative of many European administrations.
In a recent study, the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT), which represents 48 EU countries, suggested that further technical studies are necessary in this area.
Starting March, Malaysia has slashed the import duties on cars in a number of categories from 40% to 15% to be cut later to 5% according to the ASEAN Effective Preferential Tariff (CEPT) scheme.
Cloud People: Reasoned resonances ride/Sky Father's chariot of old/Where blow by blow in weathered skeins/His hoary-haired reside//These Longhairs/Pulse outside themselves there/White one perfume exudes/And one contain things/Like weather charts and satellites/Predicting snows/Protecting shelves what violet never shows/That all the neat little rules are/Garden rows we didn't plant/That all the times we knew the could/We fared the can't//That the seed of things/Was something my eyes could have feigned/'Cept when that finally showed/It fell like rain
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