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CEPTCommon Effective Preferential Tariff (ASEAN)
CEPTConference of European Posts and Telegraphs
CEPTChemically Enhanced Primary Treatment (wastewater)
CEPTConférence Européenne des Postes et des Télécommunications (French)
CEPTCentre for Environmental Planning & Technology
CEPTComite Europeen des Postes et Telecommunications (French: European Committee of the Stations and Telecommunications)
CEPTCertified Expert Penetration Tester
CEPTConference of European Postal & Telecommunications
CEPTCase Execution Performance Tool (US Navy acquisition)
CEPTCommission of European Post and Telecommunications
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High tariff countries' reluctance to reduce revenues by promoting the CEPT, and
CEPT University PG programe offers faculty of architecture, faculty of planning, faculty of design, faculty of technology, and faculty of management.
The TEL includes products which, due to their sensitivity to a country's economy, are temporarily excluded from the CEPT scheme.
The CEPT believes use of the 24GHz frequency band will only be possible if the percentage of vehicles fitted with radars using this frequency band is restricted to 7% of vehicles in circulation in each Member State.
ASEAN leaders agreed at a summit meeting in Hanoi last year to accelerate the CEPT scheme by lowering tariffs to zero to 5% by 2002, a year ahead of schedule.
The Memorandum of Understanding aims to support on-going activities in these areas, where the Commission mandates the CEPT to carry out preparatory activities to harmonise the use of radio spectrum in Europe, including when it may be relevant to the Radio and the Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive (1).
The newcomers -- Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam -- will be given until 2018 to complete their CEPT schemes, the officials said.
Since 1992, CEPT has comprised administrations responsible for national regulations, whose duties include, on the one hand, examining public policy and regulatory affairs relating to posts and telecommunications and, on the other, encouraging the harmonisation of the various regulations.
The Commission pointed out that a CEPT proposal to allocate the band 1518-1525 MHz to MSS (Mobile Satellite Services) was not accepted at the conference.
transporting groups of CEPT and ANSI signals within the same STM-1 frame
GigaBeam is proud to have participated with ETSI, CEPT and many EU regulatory administrations during the writing and release of European rules for this new frequency spectrum.