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CEQCouncil On Environmental Quality
CEQCourse Experience Questionnaire (higher education)
CEQCentrale de l'Enseignement du Québec
CEQCinema Equalizer
CEQChina Economic Quarterly (est. 1997; publication)
CEQCalifornia Environmental Quality Act of 1970
CEQClosed-Ended Questions
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The attached chart provides an overview of several key issues in the Final Guidance and identifies the changes, if any, that CEQ had made in the Final Guidance.
The use of the CEQ in the CITMI course was intended as a real-world evaluation of its utility and acceptability in a training environment.
This section presents major changes that have been introduced into the CEQ and CED since 2000.
1970, President Nixon issued an executive order directing CEQ to issue
McInnis, Griffin, James, and Coates, (2001) developed an extended version of CEQ while retaining existing constructs of it.
According to NEPA and CEQ regulations, agency implementing procedures and their revisions to accommodate new authorities and new information regarding the effects of agency actions should provide for effective management of an agency's environmental program and environmental effects of agency decisions.
In 1978, CEQ formally promulgated regulations, binding on all federal agencies, implementing NEPA's provisions.
The CEQ has to have clout, and I'm not sure it's working as well as it could today.
The RT-PCR products were purified by using ExoSAP-IT (USB Corporation, Cleveland, OH, USA) and sequenced with the primers by using the CEQ Dye Terminator Cycle Sequencing Quick Start Kit on a CEQ 8000 Genetic Analysis System (Beckman Coulter, Fullerton, CA, USA).
Bradley's past litigation against DPT, and our public statements concerning it, were based on a good faith analysis of the information available to us when we started that case", states Daniel Glassman, Bradley's President and CEQ.
The agencies can clarify interim guidance to implement the Healthy Forests Restoration Act, and the agencies can, in conjunction with Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), further develop the lessons learned from a CEQ demonstration program carried out in 2003.