CERBCalifornia Emission Regulation Board
CERBCommunity Economic Revitalization Board (Washington)
CERBCoastal Engineering Research Board (US Army)
CERBConseil Économique Régional pour le Brabant (French: Regional Economic Council for Brabant; Brabant, Belgium)
CERBCoalition to Ensure Responsible Billing
CERBCentre for Equality Research in Business (UK)
CERBChemical Exposure Research Branch (US EPA)
CERBCorporate Affairs Engineering Review Board
CERBUnited States Army Coastal Engineering Research Board
CERBCouncil of European BioRegions
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Embasa and CERB did the right thing by ending this cooperation agreement with Israel's Mekorot: It served to legitimize Israeli water apartheid without even giving any benefits to Bahia.
CERB manages four funding pools: Traditional and Rural; Job Development Fund; Local Infrastructure Financing Tool (LIFT); and Rural Economic Vitality Partnership.
It is supported by the Department of Commerce staff, the same staff that supports CERB, the Community Economic Revitalization Board.
The CERB board is expected to make a decision on the grant Dec.
Baldwin said Parlette was instrumental in helping secure the CERB loan.
First to provide standard service support manufacturer owned by the Employer solution CERB from 01/16/2015 to 15/01/2018, for 270 licenses CERB solution (25 licenses Cerb Starter Box and 245 licenses CerbToken);Second delivery license for 25 users SMSToken module (module one-time passwords);3 provide a standard service support manufacturer for the delivered license for 25 users SMSToken module (module one-time passwords) for the period from the date of delivery to 15.
1 Providing service support standard manufacturer owned by the Employer solution CERB from 16.