CERBIChiese Evangeliche Riformate Battiste in Italia (Italian: Evangelical Reformed Baptist Churches in Italy)
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With other verbs: Qasar-lua noya d-aca Jurcedey Alci Tolun cerbi qurban-i ile-ldu-bAy 'With Qasar he [= Chinggis Qaan] sent [up arrow] from among the commanders Jurcedey, Alchi, and Tolum Cherbi" (Y190-92); Tende Belgutey Buri Boko qoyar-i abaldu-ul-bAy 'Then he [= Chinggis Qaan] made [up arrow] Belgutey and Buri Boko wrestle'; and Otege-d-ey Cormaqan-i Baqtad irgen-tur Qalibay soltan-tur ayala-ul-bAy 'He [= Chinggis Qaan] sent [up arrow] Chormaqan of the Otegen on a campaign against the Baqtad people and the Qalibay Soltan' (Y480-81; so Y492, Y499); at least once we find this usage with 'he' = Ogodey Qaan as implied subject, and ayala-ul-bAy (Z282).
Toluy Koun 'Prince Toluy' (Z244), Soyiketu Cerbi (3353), Qori Silemun Taysi (6092-93), Daritay Odcigin (3411), Suqu Secen (3360-61), Sorqan Sira (4477-82).