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CEREComparative Evaluation in Requirements Engineering (IEEE workshop)
CERECentre d'Étude et de Recherche en Environnement (French: Environmental Research and Study Center; University of Conakry; Guinea)
CERECertified Expert Risk Executive (Lunarline School of Cybersecurity; various locations)
CERECement Remedial Log (oil production)
CERECenter for Ecological Research and Education (Idaho State University; Pocatello, ID)
CERECentre for Environmental Research and Education (est. 2002; Mumbai, India)
CERECombat Employment Readiness Exercise
CERECorps of Engineers Directorate of Real Estate
CERECombat Effectiveness Readiness Exercise
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The pair of dragons must have had very nimble wings; for, in less than an hour, Mother Ceres had alighted at the door of her home, and found it empty.
O, no, good Mother Ceres," said the innocent sea nymphs, tossing back their green ringlets, and looking her in the face.
It took them such a tedious while to tell the nothing that they knew, that it was dark night before Mother Ceres found out that she must seek her daughter elsewhere.
All night long, at the door of every cottage and farm-house, Ceres knocked, and called up the weary laborers to inquire if they had seen her child; and they stood, gaping and half- asleep, at the threshold, and answered her pityingly, and besought her to come in and rest.
In the woods and by the streams, she met creatures of another nature, who used, in those old times, to haunt the pleasant and solitary places, and were very sociable with persons who understood their language and customs, as Mother Ceres did.
They were a frolicsome kind of creature but grew as sad as their cheerful dispositions would allow, when Ceres inquired for her daughter, and they had no good news to tell.
And thus Mother Ceres went wandering about for nine long days and nights, finding no trace of Proserpina, unless it were now and then a withered flower; and these she picked up and put in her bosom, because she fancied that they might have fallen from her poor child's hand.
Ceres was resolved to leave no spot without a search; so she peeped into the entrance of the cave, and lighted it up a little more, by holding her own torch before her.
I am wretched enough now," thought poor Ceres, "to talk with this melancholy Hecate, were she ten times sadder than ever she was yet.
No," answered Hecate, in a cracked voice, and sighing betwixt every word or two; "no, Mother Ceres, I have seen nothing of your daughter.
You kill me by saying so," cried Ceres, almost ready to faint.
But then she reflected that the sorrow of the disconsolate Ceres would be like a gloomy twilight round about them both, let the sun shine ever so brightly, and that therefore she might enjoy her bad spirits quite as well as if she were to stay in the cave.