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CEREComparative Evaluation in Requirements Engineering (IEEE workshop)
CERECentre d'Étude et de Recherche en Environnement (French: Environmental Research and Study Center; University of Conakry; Guinea)
CERECenter for Ecological Research and Education (Idaho State University; Pocatello, ID)
CERECentre for Environmental Research and Education (est. 2002; Mumbai, India)
CERECombat Employment Readiness Exercise
CERECorps of Engineers Directorate of Real Estate
CERECombat Effectiveness Readiness Exercise
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Although the chapel has been completely remade in recent years, it can still be identified by the coat of arms located above the entrance arch, which shows the two crossed eels of the Anguillara of Cere.
Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin gave an address which provoked professor Daniel Cere to write an article in the Montreal Catholic Times "Judicial aggression stifles moral debate.
Sicilian astronomer Father Giuseppe Piazzi spotted Ceres in 1801.
Dawn found dark patches loaded with carbon-rich elements, Raymond said, which the team suspects arrived via water-rich asteroids that were similar to Ceres.
Lead author Michael Kuppers of ESA in Spain, said that this is the first time water vapor has been unequivocally detected on Ceres or any other object in the asteroid belt and provides proof that Ceres has an icy surface and an atmosphere.
An audio replay of the call will be available two hours after the conclusion of the live call, and remain available on the Ceres website for 30 days.
Everything we learn from Ceres will be absolutely new,' said Christopher Russell, a UCLA professor of space physics and planetary science, and the Dawn mission's principal investigator.
The presence of ammonia-bearing species suggests that Ceres is composed of material accreted in an environment where ammonia and nitrogen were abundant.
has upgraded Ceres Group's insurance subsidiaries' IFS ratings to 'A' from 'BBB' and has removed the Rating Watch Positive from the Ceres subsidiaries.
Aligning with Yale and Ceres to educate top corporate leaders about one of the most critical business risks of our time demonstrates our strong commitment to addressing this important issue, as well as our growing focus on delivering world-class risk advisory services.
Richard Hamilton, President and CEO of Ceres, said that the company is currently evaluating the potential market for this gene among soybean seed companies and the use of its patented invention in the development and production of improved soybean varieties.
State Street, the world's leading provider of financial services to institutional investors, joined Ceres to help advance its corporate responsibility efforts.