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CERFCentral Emergency Response Fund
CERFCanine Eye Registration Foundation
CERFCollège des Enseignants en Radiologie de France (French Council of the Teachers of Radiology)
CERFCraft Emergency Relief Fund (helps artists in trouble)
CERFCivil Engineering Research Foundation
CERFCentral Emergency Revolving Fund (United Nations)
CERFCambridge Endowment for Research in Finance (United Kingdom)
CERFCoastal Ecosystems Research Foundation (Canada)
CERFComplementary Error Function
CERFCalifornia Equine Retirement Foundation, Inc.
CERFConstructed Ecosystems Research Facility
CERFCentre d'Essais, de Recherche et de Formation
CERFCurriculum and Education Resource Finder
CERFCincinnati Education Research Fiberloop
CERFCommander Emergency Recovery Force
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The CERF defines 'underfunded emergencies' as crises that cannot be funded sufficiently by governments and appear to have been 'forgotten.
CERF, created in 2005 and managed by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), reached a record high income of $504 million for 2017 through additional commitments made by donors.
Cerf, a Google vice-president and co-designer of the TCP/IP protocol that connects devices over the internet, said he managed to find a disk drive for some of his ancient disks, only to discover he lacked the software to read them.
In the last three months, $19 million in CERF funding has gone to Bangladesh, to help with the sudden influx of more than 600,000 Rohingya refugees from Myanmar.
In some ways, the sole purpose of the meeting was for members of the public to air their concerns: the Newark Public Schools Advisory Board is publicly elected but has only limited power under New Jersey's state takeover law, making Cerf the only person in the auditorium with any real decision-making power.
Cerf had fun regaling the audience with stories of Google's self-driving experiments and how one of their cars had hit a bus but that it was "only at about 3 kilometers per hour (2 mph)," and how in other cases Google's autonomous cars had been rear-ended by other cars, driven by humans.
He said CERF appropriates as much as $450 million annually for humanitarian operations and, since 2006, it has allotted more than $3.
The five-floor, 5,000s/f building at 132 East 62nd Street was once home to literary couple Phyllis Fraser Cerf and Bennett Cerf.
Vint Cerf is promoting an idea to preserve every piece of software and hardware so that it never becomes obsolete - just like what happens in a museum - but in digital form, in servers in the cloud," reports Pallab Ghosh for BBC News.
Washington, July 25 ( ANI ): In a video recently posted by Google, a Vint Cerf cartoon explains the Internet address system and some hassles it faces.
Pakistan is the fourth-largest recipient of CERF funding globally at a total of 177.
Synopsis: Vint Cerf, co-creator of the Internet, tells how employees can work together more productively when technology allows them to do their jobs from almost anywhere.