CERFNETCalifornia Education and Research Federation Network
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Eventually CERFnet is expected to link all 19 California State University campuses, as well as several smaller private schools, such as the Claremont colleges and Occidental College.
The sale of CERFnet to Teleport Communications Group last year put one of the country's largest alternatives access providers behind his network, a move Mohta says was essential.
Ventana Media's Windows "Internet Membership Kit" contains a small "Chameleon Sampler" as part of its package deal; this boxed package retails at various prices, but the package says it's a "$200 value," with two (2) books and software and a startup account deal from CERFNet. I like Michael Fraase's writing style; he's helpful, informative, and fun.
Pac Bell is also testing 56 kb/s access to SMDS in a cooperative test with the California Education and Research Foundation network, CERFnet. The network is using the 56 kb/s to provide Internet access to some of its users.
Research and development services and providers are well respected and include Bolt, Beranek and Newman (BBN); Massachusetts Corporation for Educational Telecommunications (MCET); Bank Street College; Education Development Corporation (EDC); University of California at San Diego; University of Illinois; the American Association of School Administrators (AASA); CERFnet; NEARnet; NYSERNet and the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.
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11400 Commerce Park Drive Reston, VA 22091-1506 (703) 758-7000 CERFnet P.O.
One of the local businesses that participated was CERFnet (California Educational and Research Federation Network) of San Diego, CA.
AT&T will work cooperatively with CERFNet and Network Solutions, Inc.
Subsequent speakers, including Michael Roberts of EDUCOM, Kenneth Dowlin of the San Francisco Public Library, Charles McClure of Syracuse University, and Susan Estrada of CERFNET, will individually embellish on these four themes.
There is a great body of knowledge and expertise out there that can be drawn together and can be applied by people like Susan Estrada at DIAL n' CERF (dial-up access to the Internet through CERFnet) and the others who are trying to extend Internet access out into the K-12 educational community.
an overview of the debate on the commercialization of the Internet; an announcement of the release of the "New User's Guide to Useful and Unique Resources on the Internet" from NYSERNet; information on subscribing to the Telecom Digest via e-mail; a description of an e-mail interface for the Macintosh; and directions for requesting the Internet Resource Guide and Internet Accessible Library Catalogs and Databases from CERFNet.