CERGCompetitive Earmarked Research Grant
CERGCorporate Environmental Responsibility Group
CERGCryptographic Engineering Research Group (George Mason University; Fairfax, VA)
CERGContinental Evolution Research Group (Australia)
CERGCollaborative Energy Research Group
CERGCommander Emergency Recovery Group
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Regan, CERG, Behavior Analyst Certification; Kathleen M.
We thank CERG for developing this report which will act as a ready reckoner for SMEs.
Prepared by CERG Advisory Private Limited, this report will enable better discernment on the growing necessity for the Internet and its applications in SMEs' business functions and growth.
occupational education; Rena Hemlock, CERG, forensic nursing; Yvette J.
Founded in 1983 as CERG Finance, XRT generated EUR 39,4 M revenue in 2003 with a staff of 370.
About XRT (Euronext Paris, Euroclear 5458 Bloomberg : CEF@FP Reuters : CERG.