CERHCenter for Environmental and Rural Health (Texas A&M University)
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CERH acquired the T&C mortgages from NRAM and subsequently nominated the warehouse borrower as the beneficiary of the loans on the closing date.
CERH has the ability to dispose of the mortgage loans to refinance some or all of the amounts it owes to the lenders.
CERH is not rated by Fitch and may have limited resources to repurchase any mortgages if there is a breach of the representations and warranties given to the warehouse.
266314) and by the University of Oulu Strategic Funding for CERH. Y.G.
The CERH investigators provided a short presentation at the beginning of each meeting, outlining a broad definition of environmental health that includes the impact of environmental chemicals, nutrition, genetics, and infectious agents.
Following the completion of the community meeting, the CERH staff reviewed and summarized the results of the questionnaire and discussions with residents and selected three primary issues.
Each health education modules was developed in consultation with CERH researchers that have experience in the focus area addressed by the module.
CERH staff observed the administration of the module and assessments during the pilot-testing and held a training meeting following the observation to discuss any changes that promotoras felt needed to be made after administering the module and assessments for the first time.
In December 2015, the Granite mortgages were sold by NRAM plc (NRAM) to CERH. The majority of the assets have since been housed in two separate warehouses out of which they will be randomly selected and sold into the TPMF SPV.
Briefly, in 1999, the CERH, the CHUD, and the South Texas Promotora Association worked together to develop and implement a pilot program that would use research, education, and outreach in the evaluation of sustainable environmental health in the colonias.