CERITCentre for Entomological Research and Insecticide Technology (University of New South Wales; Sydney, Australia)
CERITCostruzioni E Rappresentanze Industriali Tecniche (Italian: Industrial Construction and Representation Techniques)
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STs' self-efficacy is also correlated with programme level (Cerit, 2010).
Permission to use the Turkish version of the Nursing Dilemma Test was obtained from Birgul Cerit. Written approval was taken from school administrators to conduct the study.
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Also, in the studies where 4+4+4 system was evaluated according to the views of teachers, administrators, and/or parents, the lowering of school entrance age was also addressed (Akpinar, Donder, Yildirim and Karahan 2012; Bahtiyar Karadeniz 2012; Kulekci 2013; Memisoglu and Ismetoglu 2013; Meral Kandemir, Sara, Akay and Zemin 2013; Ors, Erdogan and Kipici 2013; Peker Unal 2013; Cerit, Akgun, Yildiz and Soysal 2014; Durmuscelebi and Bilgili 2014; Epcacan 2014; Kilic, Karbuga and Sokmen 2014; Yilmaz, Tasci, Fidan and Nurlu 2014).
Erdoy-an that this is a dead end." In De Volkskrant, a prominent daily in the Netherlands, Mehmet Cerit, the editor-in-chief of Zaman's Dutch edition, went one step further and called for a complete cessation of EU collaboration with Turkey.
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Increased cultural diversity on university campus and the accelerating transnational dynamics of globalization in the larger society urge educators to incorporate cultural inclusivity in policy, curriculum, pedagogy and assessments (Penbek, Yurdakul, & Cerit, 2009).
Some investigators have defined and measured job satisfaction as a general notion (Nguni et al., 2006; Worrell, 2004), and others (Al-Omari, 2008; Cerit, 2009) have defined and measured this concept with two distinct facets, which include intrinsic (level of satisfaction with features associated with the job itself) and extrinsic (level of satisfaction with various features associated with the environment in which the work is performed) job satisfaction" (Nguni et al., 2006:152).