CERJComunidades Etnicas Runujel Junam (Spanish: Runujel Junam Council of Ethnic Communities; human rights education; Guatemala)
CERJCampaign for Equity-Restorative Justice (Vermont)
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Table 5: Consulted indicators of sample companies--part 2 Issuing Companies Indicators CERJ Fiscal Years 97 98 99 00 01 Capital Structure SE Imobilization 327 312 440 334 775 Third Parties' Cap.
This is clear in a 1992 CONFREGUA statement that declared "Our solidarity with the task of defending human rights and of seeking a life with more dignity that the grassroots social organizations like CONAVIGUA, the CERJ, CIEPRODH and others are carrying on." Between 1992 and 1994, despite occasional differences, ties became even closer as both joined the long struggle to give civil society a renewed role in the formal peace process (which resulted in the Assembly of Civil Society).
Also, two days after its privatization, it was announced that CERJ would be allowed to raise its tariffs by 10%.
Amilcar Mendez, a leader of CERJ, an organization that advocates the constitutional rights of the Mayan campesinos, has been the target of increasingly vicious death threats and well-orchestrated campaigns of innuendo and slander.
Brazil Telecom 59 Banco Caracas Venezuela Banking 60 Interbank Banco Universal Venezuela Banking 61 Uniado Brazil Food 62 Bavaria Brazil Beverage 63 Hidroelectrica Alicura Argentina Electricity 64 Globo Cabo Brazil Telecom 65 Platform 20 Brazil Oil & Gas 66 Afore Bital Mexico Funds Management 67 Telerj Celular Brazil Telecom 68 Aguas Cordillera Chile Water 69 Forestal Cholguan Chile Forestry 70 Banco del Suquia Argentina Banking 71 Samitri (36.9%) Brazil Mining 72 Saelpa Brazil Electricity 73 Inversora de Gas Cuyana Argentina Gas 74 Editorial Televisa (35%) Mexico Media 75 CERJ Brazil Electricity 76 Lipigas Chile Gas 77 AFJP Previnter Argentina Funds Management 78 YPF (1.2%) Argentina Oil & Gas 79 Telesp Celular Part.