CERMCenter for Environmental Resource Management
CERMMagnetic Resonance Center (Florence, Italy)
CERMCenter for Education and Research on Macromolecules (Liège, Belgium)
CERMCivil Engineering Reference Manual
CERMCorporate Environmental Risk Management (Atlanta, GA)
CERMChurch Education Resource Ministries
CERMCenter for Environmental Remediation and Monitoring (US DOE)
CERMCorps of Engineers Directorate of Resource Management
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In the next step, we investigated the possible influence of the student's profile when being harassed by mobile phone, as well as the hours of mobile use, on the scores for factors in the questionnaire of experiences related to mobile, CERM.
Jean Elleinstein now decided to shine a critical light on his own party and began to question the PCF leadership's doctrinal rigidity and refusal, for example, to publish the new research done by CERM on the modern state.
Thermal-turbine and turbo-compressors, CERM, Brno (in Czech)
CERM, with 26 employees, is active in the field of management information systems (MIS) for commercial and label printing.
La tabla 4 recoge las correlaciones halladas entre las subescalas del CERI y del CERM y los indices I-6 y M-6.
The approach is a one-to-one tailored education at home conducted by promotoras using the HELP for Kids curriculum as a baseline (although comprehensively edited to fit the area's characteristics and culture) and distributing some "comic books" produced by CERM.
Salerno (2006), "Spesa sanitaria, demografia, governance istutizionale--Tra trend storici e proiezioni a lungo termine", CERM Quaderno, 2/06.
Conference on the Elimination of Racist Mascots (CERM), "Resolutions April 34, 1998," CERM Web site, http://www.
CERM thanks the "Services Federaux des Affaires Scientifiques, Techniques et Culturelles" for support (PAI 4/11).
2009), se espera que la estructura factorial del CERV sea bidimensional, con los items correspondientes a la preocupacion, negacion, evasion y deseo de jugar, derivados del CERI, agrupados en un factor, y los de aumento de la tolerancia, reduccion de actividades y efectos negativos, derivados del CERM, agrupados en otro factor.
Theory of machining, forming andtools, CERM, ISBN 80-214-2374-9, Brno
Meeting with the CERM (The Spanish National Council of Disabled Representatives).