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CERNConseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (French: European Laboratory for Particle Physics; Geneva, Switzerland)
CERNCenter for European Nuclear Research (Meyrin, Switzerland)
CERNChinese Ecosystem Research Network
CERNOrganisation Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire (renamed from Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire, but acronym was retained)
CERNCaribbean Environmental Reporters' Network
CERNCitizenship Education Research Network
CERNCommunity Emergency Response Network
CERNChina Education and Research Net
CERNCentral European Research Network
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Monte Carlo codes such as FLUKA and Geant4, which were developed and have been maintained by worldwide collaborations with strong support from CERN since their conception, have been used routinely to study the radiation environment of past, recent and future space missions," the report added.
This follows discussions held by the first Sri Lankan scientific delegation that visited to CERN from 3-5 May 2017.
Ian Nichol, National Stem Development Manager at Career Ready, said: "The trip to CERN was unbelievable - we travelled 100 metres underground and were only separated from the Large Hadron Collider by seven metres of concrete
The importance of Cyprus` accession to CERN is very significant, because of the important research work carried out in the Organization, the benefits in the research and educational level, for our industry and technology and for the development and use of diagnostic systems of medicine' he said.
In subsequent phases of the three-year program, IDT and CERN engineers will build out larger scale computing systems with optimized performance and begin using the low-latency rack scale processing power system to analyze data.
The membership would allow Pakistani scientists to become members of the CERN staff, participate in CERN's training and career-development programmes and CERN Council.
Our Associate Membership of CERN is a recognition of the achievements of our scientists, engineers and technicians, he added.
He said associate membership of Pakistan has open a new era of cooperation that will strengthen the long-term partnership between CERN and the Pakistani scientific community.
CERN openlab, which is now entering its fifth three-year phase, is a unique public-private partnership between CERN and leading ICT companies.
Nawaz Sharif reminded the scientific community of Pakistan that Associate Membership of CERN is not a goal but a means to pursue acquire and achieve scientific and engineering knowledge and expertise.
Ten years on from my first trip to CERN, I''m about to complete my PhD at Liverpool.
Hat Enterprise Linux, which are operated by CERN at its Geneva data centre.