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CERNACenter for Energy Research, Northeast Asia
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On March 5, the 52-year-old Dela Cerna was forcibly taken by three armed men as he was riding his pedicab on San Guillermo Street in Barangay Karuhatan, Valenzuela City, around 6:40 a.
Dela Cerna said the inmates plan to take legal action against Davide and center officials.
In our study, with the goal of better understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying LAD, we aimed to reveal potential prognostic lncRNA biomarkers based on constructing a functional lncRNA-mediated ceRNA network (LMCN) involved in LAD.
Each chapter is divided into an opening contribution from Cerna--transcripted from interviews with Ignoffo--and a concluding commentary by Ignoffo, who befriended Cerna once she resettled in the U.
Interested teams may call Suyat at 056 9403586 or dela Cerna at 054 0284793 or send e-mail to mrsuyat@yahoo.
I care not if I do not see the light of day, if in my conscious I have that of the heavens," said Zelaya, reading from Cerna, who was jailed as a political prisoner.
Por consiguiente, este libro de Sergio Cerna puede ser de mucha utilidad para reflexionar sobre aquella invitacion de san Alberto Hurtado a seguir a Jesus.
He was a very kind person,'' Aristides Cerna said at a news conference as he blinked back tears.
Along with Professor Humberto Cerna, who has been teaching many of the translation courses and has developed the new curriculum, Meyer said it took the college about two years for the course to gain approval from the Florida Board of Education.
Cerna hopes to become Nicaragua's second exporter of instant coffee after the company "Cafe Soluble" which exports around US$9 million of instant coffee annually.
Alejandro Reyes Cerna of the Salvadoran army, who was serving as assistant military attache at the Salvadoran Embassy in Tegucigalpa.