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CERNETChina Education and Research Network
CERNETCentral European Regional Network for Education Transfer (EU)
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24] Application CERNET, Network Sensors Ruoqing-Zhang et al.
CERNET Education (CEREDU), established in January 2006, is the largest subsidiary of CERNET Corporation, which is the only enterprise that is directly managed by the Ministry of Education.
CERNET, which is operated by China's ministry of education, says on its website that it is China's "largest non-profit computer network and hosts the world's largest national academic network".
In practical terms, the project will be coodinated jointly by CERNET on the Chinese side, and Dante, the non-profit-making operator of GEANT2, in Europe.
Funded by the Chinese government and managed by the Chinese Ministry of Education, CERNET broadens the ScienceDirect OnSite market to potentially include 266 universities and 160 educational institutes.
ChinaGBN Ministry of Education CERNET Chinese Academy of Science CSTNet
Sun has already provided internet technology for networks in China such as CERNET, which links the country's universities and China Net.
This links the pan-European GEeANT network and the Chinese networks CERNET and CSTNET, enabling scientific and academic collaborations between their research and education communities.
With Juniper Networks T4000 Core Routers in place at its regional network centers, CERNET is well-equipped to deliver on the ultra-fast broadband objectives of the Chinese government's 21st century education Project 211, designed to raise the research standards of leading universities in China.
1) CERNET East (North) Regional Network Center collected trace;
As part of its e-journals management drive, Swets has entered into a deal with CERNET, a Chinese academic Internet service provider, to offer users rapid access to SwetsWise online content.