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Tom presently began to drift insensibly back into the con- cerns of this life again.
The stores and houses was most all old, shackly, dried up frame con- cerns that hadn't ever been painted; they was set up three or four foot above ground on stilts, so as to be out of reach of the water when the river was over- flowed.
An afterwards I came upon the whole con- cern wrecked in a bush--man, hammock, groans, blankets, horrors.
A seminar on Pakistan and CERN: Collaboration in Advanced Scientific Research organized by an Islamabad based think tank Center for International Strategic Studies (CISS) on Thursday was told that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had already approved the case for ratification by the federal cabinet.
As he casually points out a Nobel Prize winner sipping his coffee in one of CERNs cafeterias, Calder elaborates on the transition from the LEP accelerator to the new one, the LHC, currently under construction: "Although the Large Electron Positron collider (LEP) had enabled ground-breaking research throughout the '90s, the potential of the accelerator in the mapping of the early universe was exhausted by 2000.
The prime minister said that Pakistan has had useful and beneficial cooperation with CERN and expressed the confidence that the cooperation will continue in future as well.
CERN estimates the total cost of the project to be 10 billion Swiss francs, or pounds 5bn.
"From the analysis of the trajectories and the energy left in the detector by all the particles in this final configuration, the LHCb collaboration could trace back the initial event 6 the decay of the AaAaAeAA[c]c0 6 a its excited states," CERN said in the statement.