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CERSCerus Corporation (stock symbol)
CERSCenter for Excellence in Rural Safety (University of Minnesota)
CERSConsumer Education and Research Society (Ahmedabad, India)
CERSCentre for Relationship Marketing and Service Management (Hanken School of Economics; Helsinki, Finland)
CERSCertified Expert Recovery Specialist (Lunarline School of Cybersecurity; various locations)
CERSCertified Employee Retention Specialist
CERSCommittee to Elect a Republican Senate (Wisconsin)
CERSCrew Emergency Rescue System
CERSCrew Equipment Retrieval System
CERSCollection/Exam Referral System
CERSCarrier Evaluation & Reporting System
CERSCommander Emergency Recovery Section
CERSClass Event and Resource Scheduler (STASS)
CERSCombat Environment Realism System
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R&Q has developed five steps--the "DMAIC" process--for EU CERs, based on Six Sigma principles.
Markus Oberlin, CEO, Farnek, commented: "We are proud to be the first to purchase CERs from the maiden project generating carbon credits in the GCC.
Durante todo o periodo estudado, foi analisada a participacao dos stakeholders, envolvidos diretamente no processo, a saber: as CERs, as concessionarias interessadas na parcela de mercado, o Governo Federal e o Estadual, a ANEEL e, por fim, o homem rural que era um dos principais interessados no fornecimento de energia.
Alongside this, it is vital that CERs combine to create an ecosystem including risk management, vigilance and postmarket surveillance activities, rather than coexisting as individual and separate silos.
Strathclyde Police's a s s i s t a n t c h i e f constable Fiona Taylor sa id : "Around 9 0 Strathclyde public order offi cers will train with PSNI colleagues next week.
Under the CDM, governments and companies in rich nations can invest in clean-energy projects such as wind farms and small hydro plants and earn CERs in return to meet emissions cut targets or to sell for profit.
ENERGY RESOURCE-20 November 2008-World Energy Solutions Announces CER Auction(C)2008 JeraOne - http://www.jeraone.com
The foundation of a CER is built with a protocol that determines the methodology for keyword searches, the exclusion criteria for narrowing down the number of articles for review, and the approach for evaluating and summarizing data sources.
Simply put, and for reasons not completely known, NBs were not enforcing the content and format of lower risk product CERs. The authorities overseeing the NBs are now requiring that their NBs ensure all medical devices in the European market wanting to receive or retain a CE mark have a compliant CER.
In May, o cers found the biggest cannabis factory in the city's history, seizing PS1.5million of drugs.