CERTAMCentre d'Évaluation et de Recherche sur les Technologies pour les Aveugles et les Malvoyants (French: Center for the Assessment and Research on Technologies for the Blind and Visually Impaired)
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The idea of a human innate predisposition for "certam formam locutionis" is irrefutable in the D.V.E.
In the eight years since then, the company has acquired 47 shareholders that include four financial companies and CERTAM, the engine research laboratory based in France.
(34.) The Latin original reads as follows: "Loqui de peccato sociali idem est ante omnia ac fateri peccatum cuiusque, ob solidam necessitudinem hominum inter se, tam arcanam et obscuram quam veram et certam, ad ceteros quodammodo redundare.
(9) 'Item declaverunt expensam fact, am in faciendo certam picturam in dicta sala propre dictum Sanctum Zenobium que postea extinta fuit ...', Archivio di Stato di Firenze, Operai del Palazzo, II, fol.
(2:48, AT 7:69) if I were unaware of God; and I should thus never have true and certain knowledge [veram et certam scientiam] about anything.
(17) A letter addressed to the Countess of Oyenhausen from Lisbon dated 28 January 1781, in relation to the exclusion of Leonor de Almeida from the list of academics, is revealing: Eu te agradeco por toda ella [a Academia das Ciencias de Lisboa], o enteresse, que mostras pelo seu progresso, e se os nossos costumes o permitissem tu certam.[.sup.te] estavas na lista; mas as tuas Luzes sao tais, que podem ajudala m.[.sup.to] comunicalhas, que eu fico porq toda a boa gente que a compoem se te mostre agradecida.
First, these courses ran concurrently with the career and life planning courses, a fact that addressed certam threats to internal validity of the study.
["It is commonly said."] Here by the opinion of Littleton, communis opinio is of authority, and stands with the rule of law, A communi observantia not est recedendum: and again, Minime mutanda sunt quae certam habuerunt interpretationem.