CERTISCentre d'Enseignement et de Recherche en Technologies de l'Information et Systèmes (French: Center for Education and Research in Computer Science)
CERTISCzech Express Real Time Interbank Gross Settlement System (Czech Republic)
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Moreover, for more coherence and legal security in cross-border procedures, the online database CERTIS (which takes the census of various documents and certificates which enterprises have to provide to participate in public procurement in the member states) will become, two years after the transposition of the directives, an obligatory compensation area for these public purchases.
Specifications GLORY CERTIS 1 Brand origin Japan Taiwan Type GNH 700 365/265 2 Dimension (WXDXH) 350x310x965 375x330x890 MM 3 Weight (Kg) 30 kg 49 kg 4 Hopper capacity 150 notes 200 sheets 5 Counting speed 1000,1500,2000, 100 / 4 seconds (pcs/second) 2 400 pcs/minute 6 Display Counting nb 4 Counting nb 5 digits digits Batch number 3 Batch number 3 digits digits 7 Shutter exists exists Countable Length : 90-185 Length :100- banknotes mm 200mm (size of money Width : 60-97 Width : 50-100 that could be mm mm counted) Thickness : 0.