CESARSChemical Evaluation Search and Retrieval System
CESARSCombined EO/IR (Electro-Optical/Infra-Red) Surveillance and Response System (US Office of Naval Research)
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References in classic literature ?
"There are not two Cesars," said the stud-groom dryly.
"I did have twelve, but I have only eleven since Cesar was stolen."
"I saw, as clearly as I now see you, a black shadow riding a white horse that was as like Cesar as two peas!"
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The only thing unsatisfactory (and even inexplicable) about our Dominic was his nephew, Cesar. It was startling to see a desolate expression of shame veil the remorseless audacity in the eyes of that man superior to all scruples and terrors.
Dominic's brawny arm would be seen describing deliberately an ample horizontal gesture, a dignified sweep, and Cesar would go over suddenly like a ninepin - which was funny to see.
Dominic and I had been talking business together aft, and Cesar had sneaked up behind us to listen, for, amongst his other perfections, he was a consummate eavesdropper and spy.
"Ohe, Cesar!" he yelled contemptuously to the spluttering wretch.
And he went on talking over the business in hand calmly, while I tried vainly to dismiss from my mind the picture of Cesar steeped to the chin in the water of the old harbour, a decoction of centuries of marine refuse.
"We are ready to go at once, but for Cesar, who has been missing ever since breakfast," announced Dominic to me in his slow, grim way.
The usual surmises in the case of a missing seaman did not apply to Cesar's absence.
Nothing would induce Cesar to answer that question.