CESEPCentre Socialiste d'Education Permanente (French: Center for Permanent Socialist Education; Belgium)
CESEPCulture, Education, Sport and Ethics Program (various organizations)
CESEPCentre for European Social and Economic Policy (Belgium)
CESEPCenter for Environmentally Sustainable Economic Policy (Romania)
CESEPCentro Ecumênico de Serviço à Evangelização e à Educação Popular (Ecumenical Centre for Service and Popular Education; Brazil)
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17) Originally published as Sacramento, praxis e festa (Sao Paulo: CESEP, 1987) trans.
CESEP is a strategic alliance between Foundation for Global Sports Development, United Nations/UNESCO, Sport Information Research Center (SIRC) and other drug-free sports agencies that enlists students and teachers in the fight against the use of performance enhancing drugs and illegal substances that destroy the essence of ethical play.
The CESEP program Culture Education and Drug Free Sport is one example of this type of collaboration.