CESLCominco Engineering Services Ltd. (Canada)
CESLContact Etch Stop Layer
CESLCentral East Soccer League (Ontario, Canada)
CESLColegio Estadual Santa Luzia (Portuguese: State College Santa Luzia; Santa Luzia, Brazil)
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Both CESL and Apai were ordered by the Madras High Court (HC) to desist from using or dealing with the course material they had copied.
(7) The existing differences between the rules governing damages under these two legal regimes are compared on the basis of this evaluative framework in order to identify which system has adopted the better approach for compensating buyers of "innominate goods." In the following section, the law of damages under the SGA and the CESL will be outlined, with the central aspects being identified and explained in the context of those two legal regimes.
However, to counter uncertainties and promote an air of certainty for traders and consumers, the European Commission published a proposal for a "Common European Sales Law" (or CESL), which traders may choose to use to govern their cross-border contracts.
Pour mon compte et en tant que membre du Conseil-Comite Scientifique du CESL (Centre d'Etudes Superieures de la Litterature) en France, a Tours, appele aussi [beaucoup moins que] le Petit Paris [beaucoup plus grand que], qui prone l'humanisme au coeur de ses prerogatives ; mais aussi comme membre du Conseil-Comite Scientifique en France de l'association feministe Mix-Cite qui a son siege a Paris et qui officie des colloques internationaux oE je suis en premiere ligne, triee sur le volet parmi la selection draconienne de six autres, imaginez un peu le travail que cela peut representer.
The Centre for Energy and Sustainability Law (CESL) and Policy at Qatar University's (QU) College of Law and the German embassy in Doha hosted a high-level conference, "Qatari-German Renewable Energy Symposium: Scaling up capacity", yesterday.
Specific topics include the proposal for a "Regulation on a Common European Sales Law (CESL)," the legal basis of European private law in light of EU constitutionalization and the notion of the European citizen, the instruments for implementing European private law, European consumer law and its consolidation, transfer of ownership of movables, developments towards a European property law, the future of the European law of successions, interpretation of contracts in European private law, and the application of the CESL to a contract for the supply of software.
See Lisa Bernstein, An (Un)Common Frame of Reference: An American Perspective on the Jurisprudence of the CESL, COMMON MKT.
Within the framework of this Conference, the European Confederations of Free and Christian Trade Unions (CESL and OE-CMT) have called for the creation of an ad hoc body which brings together representatives of the economic and social world and the Governments of the Member States.
CESL provides a participatory environment where senior leaders, GS-14 and above, discuss current issues and challenges facing civilian and military leaders.
AI172064 56646 Lgals1 Lectin, galactose 3' binding, soluble 1 J02810 24423 Gstm1 Glutathione S-transferase, mu 1 X04229 H32189 565355 50672 Ednrb Endothelin receptor type B X57764 AA818970 U09540 25426 Cyplbl Cytochrome P450 1b1 X83867 AI176856 M14972 50549 Cyp4a10 Cytochrome P450, 4a10 AA924267 D83538 64161 Pik4ca Phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase U39572 J04563 24626 Pde4b Phosphodiesterase 48, cAMP-specific [dunce (Drosophila)- homolog phospho- diesterase E4] M25350 X81395 29225 Cesl Carboxylesterase 1 U10697 (a) http:/www.ncbi.nih.gov/GenBank/.
Also in the field of mineral processing, Canadian Process Technologies (formerly CESL) drew the next highest number of enquiries for its modular lab scale package to simulate continuous flotation operation.