CESLACenter for the Study of Latino Health and Culture (Los Angeles, CA)
CESLACalifornia Employment Sick Leave Act
CESLACenter for Environmental Studies in Latin America
CESLACost Estimate Logistic Support Analysis
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In August the company entered into a second agreement with Organon Ireland for Cesla (desogestrel/ethinyl estradiol) tablets.
According to Ramon Mahia, an analyst at the Center for Latin American Studies (CESLA) in Madrid, "The division that has taken place at the heart of Peronism is not rock hard.
Theologians and Scripture scholars like Gerard Gilleman, (44) Fritz Tillmann, (45) Ceslas Spicq, (46) and Karl Rahner (47) led the way.
(12) Ceslas SPICQ, Esquisse d'une histoire de l'exegese latine au Moyen Age, Paris, 1944, p.
Mas tarde vinieron Bernard Allo y sobre todo Ceslas Spicq, bien conocido este por sus enormes publicaciones sobre San Pablo; tambien Marie-Emile Boismard, que enseguida se traslado a Jerusalen donde fue muy apreciado; Francois-Marie Braun y sus trabajos sobre San Juan; Dominique Barthelemy, mundialmente conocido por sus publicaciones muy tecnicas sobre la critica textual del Antiguo Testamento (50).
The scriptural essays made no reference to Frank Matera, Eduard Lohse, Thomas Ogletree, Pheme Perkins, Ceslas Spicq, Wolfgang Schrage, Allen Verhey, or Amos Wilder.
Between 1941 and 1963, three authors, Beryl Smalley, Ceslas Spicq, and Henri de Lubac, published studies of the role of the Bible in medieval Christianity that have become classics.