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CESSCentral Eurasian Studies Society (est. 2000; various locations)
CESSCertificat d'Etudes Supérieures Spécialisées (French)
CESSCoveo Enterprise Search for SharePoint (software)
CESSCombat Equipment & Support Systems (US Marine Corps)
CESSContinuing Education Summer Sessions
CESSContractor Early Supply Support
CESSCrimes Économiques de Services Sociaux (French: Economic Crimes of Social Services; Canada)
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He also demanded from President Asif Ali Zardari to decrease Cess from CNG sector and remove authority of Oil marketing companies from price determination.
859 million they had paid under Road cess in provincial Exchequer.
It was told that tobacco cess is being used for special maintenance and development of roads, promotion of education besides other activities towards tobacco production in these districts.
KIRTON Cess Dad our time together was precious, so sad I was not with you at the end, will miss you so much, love always Sue, Andy and El xxx.
He added: "People have a constitutional right to have free, unimpeded ac- cess to their place of worship.
Prior to using CESS, NYGARD was using a search application that displayed secure documents in the search result set.
Tenders are invited for Sw-I:- Proposed Cess Repairs/Earth Work In Making Up/Widening Of Existing Formation Between Pathakottacheruvu Ee Gooty & Gooty Ee Pagidirai Stations In Sse/P.
Vadodara, Apr 7 ( ANI ): Chairman and Managing Director of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) Sudhir Vasudeva is hoping for an early bail out by the Central Government in the wake of a hike in cess on the domestic production of crude oil.
eIN From the moment of the creation CESS was focused on international issues and unites scientists from different countries of the world.
As part of what is called the Transformation Pro cess, many services are being centralised in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda and Cavan from hospitals like Monaghan, Dundalk and Navan.
In front of a celebrity audience, includ ing Bruce Forsyth and Arsene Wenger, Westmead Lord was led to the stage by train er Savva who, with owner Bob Morton, won a Variety Club 'contribution to greyhound racing' award after their third straight suc cess in the premier Classic.
The glovebox-sized booklet covers topics such as safety, tips for SUC cess, manual butt fusion procedures, hydraulic butt fusion procedures, saddle fusion, socket tooling, and extensive reference information on the McElroy DataLogger[TM], Pendant/Coach[TM] equipment and fusion pressure charts.