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CESSCentral Eurasian Studies Society (est. 2000; various locations)
CESSCertificat d'Etudes Supérieures Spécialisées (French)
CESSCoveo Enterprise Search for SharePoint (software)
CESSCombat Equipment & Support Systems (US Marine Corps)
CESSContinuing Education Summer Sessions
CESSContractor Early Supply Support
CESSCrimes Économiques de Services Sociaux (French: Economic Crimes of Social Services; Canada)
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It has limited its investment to the PCCC budget since 2016-17 via cotton cess from Rs625 million to Rs298 million.
He said that a meeting held with Senior Minister Shahram Khan Tarakai few months back have decided that Excise and Taxation Department was tasked the clearance of the arrears of tobacco cess and it was also decided that a total outstanding amount of Rs.
Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso said, 'We believe this cess should not be levied at the port.
However, revenue collection from cess has been low and is attributed to visual estimation of trucks load capacity by collectors without verifying the quantities or weight charged for.
In the Budget the government my remove 12 percent cess on the aerated fruit drinks.
The cabinet, headed by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, approved a 50 paise increase per litre in cess on these fuels.
The disagreement on the definition emerged from the fact that this definition will be used at a later stage when the government brings tobacco use and consumption under regulation and imposes cess on Tobacco and hence requires to be seen carefully as to what products or by-products will be taxed.
The LCCI office-bearers said that Punjab Infrastructure Development Cess is an indirect tax as it is being charged on movement of goods including raw materials cleared on dry ports of Punjab and proving to be an impediment to economic growth of the province.
The GST Council considered this issue in its 20th meeting held on August 5 and recommended that the central government may move legislative amendments required for increasing the maximum ceiling of cess leviable on motor vehicles falling under headings 8702 and 8703 to 25 per cent instead of the present 15 per cent," the statement read.
In addition to the base rate, the Government has also proposed to levy a cess of 1% and 3% on small cars with petrol and diesel engines, respectively.
However, government sources hint that the cess could be extended beyond this time period.
He stated that amendments made to Cotton Cess Act by the Federal government were illegal.