CESSICámara de Empresas de Software y Servicios Informáticos (Spanish; Argentina)
CESSICherry Engineering Support Services, Inc. (McLean, VA)
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CESSI, a division of Axiom Resource Management Inc., conducted the survey of 3,797 companies, which statistically represent more than 2.4 million firms nationwide.
"My first date was with a girl called Cessi. We had a beautiful relationship over the phone all summer and then when we met I couldn't look her in the eye," he recalls.
One does not, after all, savage such masters as Roberto Cessi, Gino Luzzatto, or Frederic Lane.
In the past year, the sector reported total sales of US$1.62 billion and exports of $300 million, a figure expected to jump this year to $1.95 billion, according to the country's software and information technology chamber, CESSI.
Seventeenth century Italian scholar and patron of the arts Cassiano dal Pazzo purchased the scientific library of Federico Cessi upon the latter's death, including some 600 watercolor drawings of fungi native to southern Umbria and the vicinity of Rome.
What justly admired inspiration, for instance, to have turned a cartoonish line from a pretentious poem by Catullus (a line in which a lock of hair dedicated to a god says it was sorry to leave its owner's head) into the heartbreaking cry of Aeneas to the dead Dido: "'Invitus, regina, tuo de litore cessi'" ("It was against my will I left your country"--that's my own translation, not good enough, but I'm still working on it).