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Nespor, Martina Hornofova and Marek Jakoubek, "Cesti nekatolici v rumunskem Banatu a v Bulharsku--Cast ctvrta: Religiozita reemigrantu.
(152) The Inter-American Court of Human Rights confirmed in the Cesti Hurtado Case (153) that a detained person has the right to petition for habeas corpus "at all times." (154) The remedy must be available, even when a person is held in exceptional circumstances of solitary confinement established by law.
A word of conclusion: Recently a notable book (in Czech) was published entitled "Spidlenovi, cesti Mistri houslari" [The Spidlens, Czech Master ViolinMakers].
Entello e il vecchio pugile virgiliano che dopo aver vinto "l'ultima volta ai fortunosi giochi / d'Enea, lungo le amene / spiagge della Sicilia" decide di deporre per sempre i "cesti" e "l'arte" (19).
Ore penst d'autre cerf li reis, Kar ne verra cesti del meis.
(178) In the Cesti Hurtado Case, the Inter-American Court ratified the order of its President that Peru take urgent measures to ensure the physical, psychological, and moral health of the prisoner Cesti Hurtado and provide "adequate medical treatment for his heart problems." (179) The Inter-American Commission requested that Mexico take precautionary measures to provide medical care for a seventy-one-year-old diabetic prisoner who was suffering the effects of inadequate treatment.
With: Antonio Callirgos, Eduardo Cesti, Aristoteles Picho, Liliana Trujillo, Sergio Galliani, Melania Urbina, Tatiana Astengo, Jesus Carbajal, Angel Rojas, Anais Padilla.
The best sanction that the jongleur can imagine is that of a worldly authority, the prodhome; if Louis encourages striving to satisfy God, the jongleur dwells on the cynical observation that satisfying all of one's fellow human beings is an impossibility: 'Si vus estez simple e sage houm, Vus estez tenuz pur feloun; [...] Si vus estes riche chiualer E ne volez point torneyer, Donqe dirra ascun houme Vus ne valez un purry poume; Si vus estes hardy e pruytz, E hauntez places de desduytz: "Cesti cheitif ne siet nul bien; Taunt despent qu'il n'a rien."' (fol.
The music for this opera has traditionally been attributed to Antonio Cesti, who composed a later version performed in Innsbruck in 1656, but was, most likely, the first dramatic work of Francesco Lucio (the attribution to Lucio stems from a letter of 1666 written by the composer Pietro Andrea Ziani).(4) The opera presented during the next season (1649/50), Orithia, was composed by Gasparo Sartorio on a libretto by Maiolino Bisaccioni.(5)
Le roze na grobeh ljudi ob moji cesti zadisijo po nedolznem, ki je sel tu mimo.