CESUCheque Emploi Service Universel (French: Universal Employment Check Service)
CESUCooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (grant program; various locations)
CESUCompatibility Encoding Scheme for UTF (Unicode Transformation Format)
CESUClinical Effectiveness Support Unit (Wales, UK)
CESUComplex Emergency Support Unit
CESUConveyor and Elevator Support Unit
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CESU (UK) founders Steven Chandler, 35, of Birdsedge, and Ben Winch, 27, from Denby Dale, discovered the brewery while travelling in eastern Europe.
a) The bidder should be a manufacturer or their authorized dealer located under CESU jurisdiction of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of (i) Mobile Device & (ii) Portable Dot Matrix Bluetooth Printer to carry out Spot Billing for which he submits his offer.
Major organization : SIA CESU KLINIKA (44103057729)