CESUCheque Emploi Service Universel (French: Universal Employment Check Service)
CESUCooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (grant program; various locations)
CESUCompatibility Encoding Scheme for UTF (Unicode Transformation Format)
CESUClinical Effectiveness Support Unit (Wales, UK)
CESUComplex Emergency Support Unit
CESUConveyor and Elevator Support Unit
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The CESU recorded 636 cases with two deaths from January to August 20 this year, which is 235 percent higher compared to only 190 cases during the same period last year.
However, in the near-future health management policies, CESU would be inevitably responsible for the financial management and cost planning's of medical devices.
Enrique Gonzalez (CESU) compara las carreras de Juan de Narvaez, hombre de familia prestigiosa que en corto tiempo se situo en el cabildo metropolitano mexicano, y Siguenza y Gongora, intelectual de talla reconocida, pero de familia no perteneciente a la elite, que no alcanzo ninguna prebenda en el cabildo; Gonzalez reconoce que la personalidad de Don Carlos Siguenza y Gongora (un caracter quiza polemico) no debio favorecerle para alcanzar una prebenda el cabildo.
CESU (UK) founders Steven Chandler, 35, of Birdsedge, and Ben Winch, 27, from Denby Dale, discovered the brewery while travelling in eastern Europe.