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CETACleaning Equipment Trade Association
CETAComprehensive Employment and Training Act of 1973
CETAConférence des Eglises de Toute l'Afrique (Nairobi)
CETACrew and Equipment Translation Aid (NASA)
CETACentral Excise Tariff Act (India)
CETACentro Extremeño de Tecnologías Avanzadas (Vanguard Center for Advanced Technologies; Spain)
CETACaribbean Evangelical Theological Association
CETACollectors Edition Trans Am (Pontiac model)
CETACanadian Evangelical Theological Association
CETACertified Electronics Technician Associate (professional certification)
CETACentro Internacional de Estudios de Transparencia y Acceso a la Información (Spanish: International Center for the Study of Transparency and Access to Information/ Mexico)
CETACrew and Equipment Translation Assembly (NASA)
CETACommunity Employment Training Association
CETACivilian Electronics Technician Afloat
CETACrew and Equipment Transfer Aid
CETAComprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (EU and Canada)
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In short, the IP-related provisions of CETA and the TPP have both costs and benefits, and should be evaluated on that basis, against the broader framework of the trade agreements themselves and of the mitigating tools governments have at their disposal.
First, the government's claims of "growth and prosperity" for Canada as a result of CETA are completely bogus.
Over 40,000 US companies will now be free to do this in Cyprus , if Cyprus ratifies CETA.
David Davis, Theresa May's Brexit minister, once described CETA as a starting point for the UK's future relationship with Europe.
Participants noted that CETA was likely to be successfully signed and ratified by Canada.
As part of CETA, Canada also reallocated 800 tonnes of its 20,412 tonne World Trade Organization tariff rate quota for cheese to the EU.
Despite Germany's objections the European Commission and Canada initialed the CETA text during the EU-Canada Summit.
Besides several political comments linking a potential CETA ratification with existing visa requirements on EU member states, these trade negotiations did not truly engage civil society groups or the public.
Jacobson and Lalonde realized that "second-chance" training programs such as CETA weren't sufficient to confront the challenges that displaced workers and low-income individuals faced in finding employment.
CETA is one of the many sections of the Coruna Corpus, which contains scientific texts (e.
While the European Commission notes that the WTO dispute is "unrelated to the trade negotiations," the European Parliament has warned Canada several times that moving forward with its WTO challenge against the Union could jeopardise the ratification of the CETA.
The Miserby the French playwright Jean-Baptiste Pocquelin, more famous as Moliere, has been adapted into a rib-tickling Punjabi play by CETA (Creative Energies Theatre Association) and staged at the Shri Ram Centre on Thursday.