CETCCANMET Energy Technology Centre (Canada)
CETCCompetitive Eligible Telecommunications Carrier (FCC)
CETCCouncil-Certified Environmental Thermography Consultant (American Council for Accredited Certification)
CETCConnecticut Employment and Training Commission
CETCCommunity Education Training Center
CETCCentral European Transport Corridor
CETCCivil Engineering Technology Center (US Coast Guard)
CETCCoalition of Environmental Training Centers
CETCCentral Electrification and Traffic Control
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CETC stands for Electronics Technology Group Corporation, a defense and electronics firm.
The new company, C&M Information Technologies, will have registered capital of $40 million, with CETC holding a 51 percent stake, (http://www.
He hailed PITB endeavors and affirmed full support on behalf of CETC.
11) Para mayor informacion, ver las CETC, http://www.
stealth fighters being unable to evade China's CETC Y-27 radars.
to be a mechanism that allows a higher cost CETC to obtain higher
At the last Idex exhibition in Abu Dhabi, Chinese companies were presenting their jamming systems: Xinshidai was showing its modular PB Frequency Jammer with a maximum output power of 190 W and a jamming radius of 50 to 70 metres, while CETC International proposed its Movable Motorarcade Protection System.
The state-owned Chinese electronics giant CETC International Co.
Eliminate the identical support rule, and base future CETC support on actual costs.
CBP OTD personnel, either at the NCF in El Paso, Texas, or CETC in Front Royal, Virginia, will administer a series of tests on the canine to determine whether it has the capability of working for CBP.
Later in the morning, the committee and NTCA staff discussed at length the association's response to the Federal-State Joint Board's interim competitive eligible telecommunications cap (CETC) recommendation, which would place a temporary cap on the amount of high-cost support a CETC can receive and provide them with support based on their own costs.
A highlight of the deals signed is the development of the Amman-Zarqa Light Rail System (LRS) through consortium comprising Infrastructure Development Company, Sadullah Khan & Brothers, Hycarbex American Energy, CETC International of China, and United Jordanian Contractors.