CETCOColloid Environmental Technologies Company
CETCOCapital Equipment & Technology Corporation
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CETCO C-LUBE is a filming type lubricant that reduces rotational torques and drag.
Eliminates bit-balling and clay rings and can be used in conjunction with other CETCO products such as DRILL-TERGE.
CETCO provided a complete contract performance and payment bond for the project.
For more information, contact Dana McCombs, CETCO Marketing Manager at dana.
As part of this new program, CETCO is proud to introduce Liquid Boot[R] Plus, which incorporates the traditional spray-applied Liquid Boot[R] membrane bonded to a high-performance polyethylene-EVOH copolymer geomembrane called VI-20[TM].
FOR MORE INFORMATION: CETCO, (847) 818-7935, cetco.
Using the PITDRY solidification reagent made by CETCO Drilling Products and a PDM-300 (PITDRY mixing unit) manufactured by Surface to Surface, Coast Digger Services was able to reduce the round-trip disposal hauling time to less than one hour, utilize dump trucks which operate at a lower hourly rate than vacuum trucks, while eliminating landfill tipping fees.
The workshop, sponsored by industry authorities CETCO and Derrick, will focus on reducing total operating costs through advanced techniques in drilling fluids and state-of-the-art mud cleaning equipment, along with drilling fluids dewatering separation of used fluids into clear water and dry solids.
In 1996, under the direction of Jim Bielawa, president, and Todd Bielawa, vice president, Century Products saw a need for a knowledgeable supplier of bentonite and polymers in the upper Midwest and proceeded to become that supplier by partnering with CETCO Drilling Products.
Global Machinery carries the following product lines: Condux cable placing equipment, tooling and accessories, Vac-Tron vacuum excavation units, Butler and Kiefer trailers, CETCO drilling muds, LTA HDD tooling and drill pipe, Surface-to-Surface mud systems, Tesmec trenchers, Bron cable plows, Stewart & Stevenson figure eight units, and DCI locating/tracking systems.