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CETECentre Togolais des Expositions et Foires (French: Togo Center of Exhibitions and Fairs; Togo)
CETECenter on Education and Training for Employment
CETECentre d'Études Techniques de l'Équipement
CETECenter for Educational Testing and Evaluation (University of Kansas; Lawrence, KS)
CETEConsortium for Excellence in Teacher Education (est. 1983)
CETECentral European Transition Economies
CETECentral European Technology Exchange
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The primary objective of the study team's visit was to work with Poland to help it become part of CETE and learn about technology transfer activities from members in the United States and Central Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia).
Otra forma de analizar que el costo de las tarjetas de credito se ha elevado aun con la baja de las tasas de interes es comparando la tasa de interes cobrada en la tarjeta de credito respecto la tasa de interes de los Cetes.
La semana pasada se informo que en la primera quincena de marzo salieron del pais 70 mil 500 millones de pesos que estaban colocados en bonos gubernamentales, principalmente Cetes, por inversionistas extranjeros.
RT @rContenido: Los dudadanos pueden comprar Cetes.
The company said the new ETFs were designed to replicate the price and yield performance of local Treasury bills, or Cetes, one to five-year fixed-rate bonds, five to 10-year fixed-rate bonds, inflation-indexed UDI bonds, and dollar-denominated government bonds.
Two types of interest rates are considered: Cetes 91-days and TIIE 28-days.
The downward trend in Mexican rates showed no signs of abating, with 28 day yields tumbling a further 40 basis points at this weeks Cetes auction, to 6.
According to Collazo, CETES rates will have to come down to 20% to 25% by the end of October to avert a major economic slowdown and prevent a surge in inflation.
Indeed, one of the curiosities of the Mexican experience was that, over the course of 1994, international investors (Mexican as well as foreign) as a group sold cetes but willingly purchased tesobonos, instruments paying a much lower interest rate than that of cetes but a higher rate than that of similar U.
250 billion note bearing an interest rate of 89 basis points over the 91-day Treasury notes, known as CETES.
The CETES, certified by the European Union (EU), did not rule out Russia to incite its supporters in Latvia, where the Russians represent around 22 percent of total population and feel marginalized because of the rejection to recognize their language and culture.
Y aqui tambien hay un ocultamiento del verdadero saldo de la deuda externa, porque una de las estrategias ha consistido en colocar bonos y cetes en el mercado interno, con una tasa de interes que resulte atractiva para los inversionistas extranjeros.