CETIPCholesteryl Ester Fransfer Inhibitor Protein
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MetraTech's flagship billing platform MetraNet will provide CETIP with a billing system (http://www.
Furthermore, the MetraTech billing system will give CETIP the ability to scale its business via new product offerings, channel support and geographic expansion.
TIBCO will enable over 1,100 financial and non-financial institutions to trade daily through CETIP with its TIBExchange(tm) automated system, which will include an electronic securities auction mechanism.
TIBCO's concepts and products enable CETIP to easily customize financial solutions for the local market, fitting requirements, conventions, and regulatory controls," said Antonio Carlos Mesquita de Siqueira, director of information systems at CETIP.
The debentures will pay interest equivalent to one hundred percent (100%) of the one-day interbank deposit rate (DI), based on a year of 252 business days, calculated by CETIP S.
Best IR by a Latin American company in the US market BM&F Bovespa - Brazil CETIP Brasil - Brazil TIM Participacoes - Brazil